Cincinnati Bengals pledged to support QB Joe Burrow in “the best way possible”, including strengthening the offensive line

INDIANAPOLIS — Cincinnati is now a popular destination for free agents. The franchise continues to support star quarterbacks. Joe BurrowAccording to BengalsDuke Tobin is the director of player personnel.

It could also include strengthening the offensive line following the Bengals' 2021 surrender of 74 sacks.

Tobin said Tuesday about Burrow, “He's a real deal.” As I stated when we drafted him it was our job to support him as best we can. This league is all for quarterbacks. You have to support your quarterback the best you can.

Tobin was reluctant to definitively identify the Bengals offensive line as their top priority offseason after Burrow had been sacked 19 of the four postseason games. This included seven times during the Super Bowl LVI loss. Los Angeles Rams.

Tobin actually opened his news conference at Indiana Convention Center by praising the unit, praising Burrow and the Bengals for their productive offense and winning the franchise's first AFC Championship in 33 years.

Tobin indicated that while the unit was not disciplined on Tuesday, he said the team will continue to seek ways to improve. One possibility is a trade for a starting offensive tackle lineman.

Tobin stated, “Sometimes there are win-wins out there.” We don't refuse to consider things. Trades are just one of those things.

Tobin mentioned the deal in the 2021 preseason, which sent former first-round picks Billy PriceThe New York Giants for defensive tackle B.J. Hill. Price was the Giants' starting centre, while Hill provided 5.5 sacks to Cincinnati.

Zac Taylor (Bengals coach) was recently granted a contract extension through the 2026 year. He admitted to the conversation about Bengals' pass-blocking in light of what happened in the playoffs.

Taylor said, “I know the narrative,” “I get it. Our quarterback shouldn't be hit or sacked like he was. But, there's also the flip side. Those guys did a lot to help us.

Tobin indicated that the Bengals would have several resources to help improve their roster. According to Roster Management System, the Bengals will have eight draft choices and $47.7million in salary cap space.

Cincinnati ranked 30th in pass block win rate in the regular season, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. The Bengals remain optimistic about some of their younger players, including second-round picks. Jackson CarmanKey contributors can be.

Cincinnati will not stop Burrow from being supported as they seek to be AFC champions again.

Taylor explained that it is not enough to run for 1,000 yards, have two 1,000-yard receivers, or be able if the line wasn't doing a great job. We will continue to evaluate the entire team. You can always improve. This is what you can expect in the coming weeks.

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