Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow — Chasing Aaron Rodgers for the best

LOS ANGELES — Joe BurrowKnows what the top tier of NFL-level quarterbacks looks like.

The Cincinnati BengalsGreen Bay's quarterback was included in the ‘Quarterback' package Aaron RodgersRodgers, who won his fourth Associated Press Most Valuable Player trophy, firmly placed Rodgers in that mix. Burrow named Rodgers the benchmark he is pursuing two days before Super Bowl LVI.

Burrow stated that he was chasing Aaron Rodgers in an effort to be the best during Super Bowl media interviews. “He's been doing this for a while.”

Burrow, who wore blue sunglasses and sat in the bleachers at UCLA's Drake Stadium with Kansas City's former quarterback Tom Brady, was wearing blue sunglasses. Patrick MahomesThis elite group includes the best players.

Burrow's Bengals defeated Mahomes and Kansas City twice in this season's AFC North title match, and again Jan. 30 to win AFC Championship. This secured Cincinnati's first Super Bowl visit since 1989.

On Week 5, the Bengals fell to Rodgers and Packers in overtime. Burrow said Rodgers was deserving, having thrown for 37 touchdowns and four interceptions. But, the Bengals' second year quarterback is no stranger for accolades. He was the Heisman Trophy winner in college before being selected as the first overall draft pick in 2020.

On Thursday, he added to his collection when he was named the NFL's Comeback Player-of-the Year at the NFL Honors Los Angeles. Burrow suffered a season-ending knee injury during his rookie season. However, he didn't miss any offseason activities as he led Cincinnati to its first playoff spot in 2015.

Burrow acknowledged that he considers what winning the Super Bowl would do for his legacy, and how it will affect his perception of the best NFL quarterbacks. However, Burrow, a former LSU star who is trying to win the game’s highest prize, knows that this is not a plan for success.

Burrow explained, “I try not think about that type of stuff because I believe if it goes down that road you start worrying about all the wrong things.” “So, I have tried to remain focused on the job in hand.”

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