Cincinnati Bengals will show that they aren’t a one-hit wonder.

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati BengalsThe rumors following their best season for three decades are all too familiar. Last year's Super Bowl win was a fluke.

On Monday, the Bengals cornerback began voluntary offseason trainings. Mike HiltonThe team wants to convince skeptics that they are legitimate contenders, Hilton said. Hilton has an inkling as to why the Bengals are considered a one-hit wonder.

Hilton said, “Because they're the Bengals — point-blank, period.” You think of the Bengals and you think, “Oh, the Bengals.” We are transforming this organization now with this group and these coaches. We're trying to earn the respect that we deserve.”

The Bengals had not reached the postseason since 2015, hadn't won a playoff match since January 1991, and hadn't played in the Super Bowl since 1989. Cincinnati ended all droughts after being the worst NFL team in 2019.

The Bengals won AFC North, then defeated Kansas City, reigning AFC champions, and won the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

Hilton was asked whether the gossip about the fluky runs had caused some anger or the chip in the shoulder.

Hilton stated, “Absolutely because people still didn’t believe it throughout all the playoff run.” “They were saying things like “We were lucky” and such.”

After the team's 23-20 defeat to the Bengals, Zac Taylor, Bengals coach, told them that they can still achieve their goals. Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI. Three free agents were signed by the Bengals to strengthen one of the NFL's worst offensive teams.

Darrin Simmons, the Bengals special-teams coordinator, said that the message was well received by the team. He also acknowledged that the Super Bowl win doesn't guarantee a return.

Simmons said, “We participated in the Super Bowl last season, but the roster is completely different.” “But (Taylor), it is correct. Everything is as it was a year ago.

Hilton made the point that the oddsmakers think the Bengals are not likely to win another championship. Caesar's Sportsbooks rates the Bengals as having the 11th best chance of winning both the Super Bowl or the X-Mas. Cleveland BrownsThe best chance of winning the AFC North are with the AFC North.

Hilton maintained that, despite all the doubts and odds, the team is confident and made acquisitions to increase its chances of winning again as AFC champions.

Hilton stated that “When people call it fluke, they just smile and take it all on.” We're ready and willing to do it again.

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