CJ McCollum was a part of the trade to New Orleans Pelicans and was ‘excited’ about the opportunity

METAIRIE, La. — CJ McCollumHe had spent his entire NBA basketball career with the Portland Trail BlazersAfter being chosen by the franchise with No. The No. 10 overall pick in 2013 NBA craft.

He's now ready to play for his first team after 564 games. New Orleans PelicansThursday Night against The Miami Heat.

Because of the 8½ seasons McCollum spent with Portland, it gave him some say during the trade process that sent him, Tony SnellLarry Nance and the Pelicans.

McCollum stated to reporters Thursday morning that he was grateful that the trade didn't force him through the same thing as other players who are suddenly blindsided by news of a deal.

McCollum explained, “But it's very fortunate that I'm going somewhere where my needs are met and there's mutual admiration.”

McCollum stated that he had maintained contact with the Trail Blazers front office throughout the process. He also spoke with his agent, his wife, and determined New Orleans was the best choice for both of them.

He said that he was excited about the chance to play in New Orleans. “I am grateful to have been in the league for this long and to have played with one team this long. I look forward to the next chapter. We look forward to a new challenge, and we look forward to playing with these young men.”

McCollum specifically mentions Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram — “You seen B.I. — “You seen B.I. — He was a player who wanted to share the court. He also mentioned that he had battles with the Pelicans centre Jonas ValanciunasFrom Valanciunas’ time with the Memphis Grizzlies.

However, he had praises for Willie Green as Pelicans coach and stated that he spoke to several Green's former players. Chris PaulAbout Green.

“He is very down to Earth. This is a lot like what I have heard about him. He is stern when necessary. He's also a loving coach. He's a family-oriented person. He is a man of God who strives to get the best from his players. McCollum stated that he has played and understands the preparation and what is required to make this game a success.

“All coaches are respected, but a coach who's been through the fire will have a different kind relationship. He's experienced at seeing players get traded. He knows what it's to land at night and play a game next day at six o'clock. He is a great friend and I am blessed to have such a working relationship.

McCollum is the president and CEO of the NBPA. He said he spoke forward with Pelicans Garrett Templea vice president of the NBPA, and it helped to sell him on the New Orleans situation.

McCollum stated that “we've been discussing it for some time lately.” “Obviously, McCollum is on the executive board. I have a good relationship with him. He is a very intelligent, smart man who does things right. He was able to tell me exactly what the situation would be and how I could expect it to turn out. I was immediately at ease.

New Orleans, which is currently ranked No.32 with 22-32, is currently at 22-32. The Western Conference Standings currently have New Orleans at No. 10. This is the last place for the play in tournament. New Orleans was last in the playoffs in 2017-18, when McCollum's Blazers were swept in the first round.

McCollum is now going to work with the Pelicans to get them back in the postseason. While McCollum admitted that it will not be easy to learn with the Pelicans on the field, he looks forward to the challenge.

McCollum stated, “I believe everybody knows how to operate, how to get down and how you handle it.” “Those are the real qualities that matter. I work hard. I take care of my body. Every night I work hard. This is the leadership quality I strive for, how to be a good leader and be a great person. How to raise your team. This team has made the playoffs for eight consecutive years. We will have nine playoffs. That's why I look forward to it.”

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