Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

March 21 is the NHL trade deadline. This is a long runway for teams to drop out of the playoff race, for general managers and media speculation about who stays or goes.

Here are the top 10 most interesting people at the trade deadline. These include executives and players. Some are Stanley Cup champions. Others are looking for them. Others have trade protection. Others may wish they had.

Let the speculation begin!

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre FleuryClaude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Ronnie, how are you? It is good to see Ronnie again. It was a tough season for the Kraken with the.370 point percentage and the goaltending that was less “sea monster” but more “see: monstrosity”.

As your peers had obviously figured out how to cheat Vegas, the expansion draft was not an easy one. The good news is that even if your peers were able to play calmly the expansion draft, it remains a place for regrettable and overcompensation.

The Kraken currently have approximately 12 pending agents, six unrestricted. Defenseman Mark GiordanoForwards Calle Jarnkrok, Marcus JohanssonAnd Riley SheahanYou're sure you can turn them around for something by the deadline. Grab some draft picks that the teams didn't give you last summer as protection money. The next phase in Seattle hockey dominance begins next month!

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Giroux (34), is ending his contract with Flyers. This summer, Giroux will go unrestricted to free agency. He earns $8.275 million against the cap. This would make it difficult for a team in order to acquire him. However, he'd need to waive his no movement clause.

This is easier said than done when a player has been with the same team since 2007. Chuck Fletcher, GM, says that it is Giroux's decision. There have been discussions between Pat Brisson, Giroux, and the Flyers regarding next steps. They aren't sure what they are. I've always thought that Giroux is one of those players who wants to stay with one team. There might be a chance. It might not.

He has scored 35 points in 42 games, but only 12 in his 28 playoff games. Giroux could be a last puzzle-piece player in someone's top six. He also enjoyed the NHL All-Star Game, which was quite informative for him. It wasn't as impressive to win game MVP, however. Tristan JarryThe Penguins should have won it as a result of actually tending to goal well in an All-Star Game. He also deserves credit for leading the Metro Division's win from players like Tom Wilson.

For the record, I asked Giroux if any other All-Stars in Vegas had attempted to recruit him for their teams at trade deadline. The answer was a blunt “No” It was their loss.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

With all due respect to Giroux: If I trade for a veteran center seeking his first Stanley Cup and could make a significant impact on my team, it's Joe Pavelski.

Pavelski holds the third-highest league postseason goals total (41) as well as the second-highest goals/game average (0.40) since 2011-12. I believe Tyler SeguinIt was evident when the Stars reached the Cup finals in bubble: “He just knew what to do in big moment, and what to add as well.”

According to Money Puck, Dallas has a 34.6% chance in making the playoffs. If there is a realistic chance of the Stars trading Pavelski, it's difficult to see them doing so. This was the “last ride” season on this roster. Pavelski and other players have unrestricted agency. Pavelski had the agreement to change the contract from a complete no-move to one with a partial clause (three-team team list). This season, however, it was possible to move on.

He's perfect for the job. Colorado AvalancheA team that is looking for the secret sauce to get past the hump. However, I'm thinking of one team that could make a salary-retention ($7million) deal. Tampa Bay LightningHe was sought after by a number of people, including a few who were interested in him as a free agent.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Hertl is another game-changing center whose cap hit ($5.625million) is considerably lower than that of Pavelski or Giroux. He is the human embodiment joy and has scored 38 points in 46 matches. While the Sharks remain in the Pacific Division playoff race but have fallen to below 11% playoff probability, they have managed to stay afloat. Hertl, the Sharks and their playoff chances are less important than it is about this season and more about the next four or five years.

They won't rebuild. I believe they will make an effort to extend Hertl. If he agrees, they have a 28 year-old center who could play an integral part in whatever Doug Wilson does for this franchise. Teams like the are available to him if he decides to leave. Boston BruinsAnd New York RangersShould line up to welcome him aboard.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Western Conference observers agree that the Avalanche are at a higher level if their goaltending is good in the playoffs. Vegas Golden KnightsIf they need you, we are there for them. Jack EichelThe playoffs bring him up to speed; the Blues could be the Stanley Cup party pooper.

The Blues are moving forward with the addition of four new players this season Jordan Kyrou, Robert ThomasAnd Pavel Buchnevich, who have super-charged offense; and goalie Ville HussoWho has provided them with the proper? Jordan BinningtonFirst time in insurance since Jake Allen left. They have a chance. It will be interesting for Armstrong to decide what to do at the deadline.

Notice that we didn't include a defenseman as a player in the paragraph before. Because a move by the Blues that is within a strict salary cap must be for blue-line assistance.

One player I do not expect to move is: Vladimir TarasenkoThe trade demand was made by, who was on several “trade board” lists over the last few weeks. If the trade demand is reexamined, it won't be until after season — when his stock should have risen significantly.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Holland mentioned last month that the Oilers' first-round pick and top prospects may not be available when he spoke about the current state of the Oilers. Given what this team has done in the regular season, it's difficult to fault Holland for keeping his assets. Because this team is so strong, everyone expects Holland to trade for a goalie or more.

However, the chance of them making the cut is less than half. Holland and the Oilers do Holland and the Oilers start to — gulp — dump in preparation for offseason change?

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Gorton was first hired in November 2021. Kent Hughes is his general manager, and pee-wee coach. Marty St. LouisThis is a direct reference to his coaching history. his interim bench boss. We assume he is trying to do things differently.

Gorton did not acquire any of these players. There is no loyalty. Each option should be available for him. This is where there's a lot more value. Tyler ToffoliThrough 2023-24, the price will be $4.25 Million Ben ChiarotAt $3.5 Million through this season. Joel Armia? Brendan Gallagher?

Gorton's quick turnaround rebuilding of New York Rangers was more than just luck in the draft. Artemi Panarin signing. It was also important for veterans. Ryan McDonagh, Kevin Hayes— into significant trade returns. He could do the exact same thing here, if he wants.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Given the emotional impact that the move from Vegas, Chicago to Fleury had on his family, I still don't believe Fleury would like to play for a third team within two seasons. But I also can't ignore the totality of the hockey world trying to will Fleury-to-the-Capitals into existence, for the perfection of the fit and for the high school drama it would manufacture when Washington faces the Pittsburgh PenguinsIn the playoffs. Then, of course, the Golden Knights for Stanley Cup.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

It seems like we have been having the same conversations about the Ducks at each trade deadline. Are we moving forward in this season? Rickard RakellTraded? What about the defenseman? Josh Manson? Which Ducks team will sign or trade for a defenseman? Hampus Lindholm?

These discussions are more urgent now that all three of them are unrestricted, free agents in the summer and that Bob Murray is no longer the general manager.

With Trevor Zegras, Jamie DrysdaleWith Mason McTavish in the next core, the future for the Ducks is brighter than the SoCal sunlight. Verbeek will have to decide which veterans should stay and which must go. It feels like we have been having this conversation for years, as I mentioned.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

All due respect to Jakob ChychrunKessel is the Coyotes' only player that I am obsessive about his next destination. Phil has 5 goals and 24 assists across 46 games. Although he isn't the goal-scorer that he was once, he is still Phil Kessel. Obama once said that Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup winner. We'd love for him to have a chance at becoming one again before he goes free this summer.

Kessel to The Leafs. You can only plan the parade if you complete the circle.

Claude Giroux, Ron Francis, Marc-Andre Fleury

Jersey foul of the Week

From the Rocky Mountains

This Gabriel LandeskogFoul is an amazing thing. Foul is amazing. From his hyper-masculine spellings to his cut-off sleeves it seems like he's about lift that counter and pour the drinks directly into the mouth. Drax The Destroyer says, “He's not an idiot.” You are a dude. This is a man.”

Three NHL All-Star MVPS are missing

1. The stuffed Tiger

It's not just that Derek Carr was invited to join the NHL's Breakaway Challenge. Alex DeBrincatOr that they hired a Mike Tyson impersonator. It's Iron Mike, who brings along a stuffed Tiger on a leash to drag it around the ice.

2. Rod Brind'Amour

There was some debate about whether Claude GirouxRod Brind'Amour or Rod Brind'Amour were more responsible for Metro Division's success in the All-Star Game. This was actually because they care about winning. Evgeny KuznetsovRod deserves your respect: “He's the one that got us moving.” This style appeals to me.

Rod was a man who took the game seriously but didn't take it too seriously. When Rod was asked if this was a major win for his division, he answered that it was. He replied, “I don’t think it has anything. “I think everyone knows that we have a strong division,” he stated.

Brind'Amour was informed that it was the third consecutive time that Metro had won the All-Star Game under the 3-on-3 format.

“Well, I would not have thought that.” He responded, “That's a crapshoot in my opinion.”

3. The Bellagio fountains

The pre-taped skills competition eventsThey worked most of the time. These were very interesting and well executed. Next time, I may take a different commentary.

However, the NHL All-Star Game has a lot to do with spectacle and moments. Roman JosiAnd Zach WerenskiWhile the Bellagio fountains were spraying water into the desert, they held an accuracy shooting competition. South Florida 2023 and NHL Beach Events!

Weekly winners and losers

Winner: Denmark

Denmark has never participated in the Olympic hockey tournament. Both the men and women. Both of them won the Winter Games for the first-time this week. They were both against Czechia. Congratulation to the Danes. Congratulation also to Frans NielsenHe scored the game-winning goal by scoring an unstoppable backhand/topshelf shootout move. It was almost an Easter egg for NHL fans who were watching the game.

Loser: Women's Hockey Critics

Every four years, a columnist believes she or he's being edgy when she or he writes a piece about Canada and the U.S. and how women's Hockey should be banned from the Winter Olympics. Every four years, it's like I wonder how anyone could.

  • There is no reason to not enjoy the greatest rivalry in hockey.

  • Treat the gold medal as “Stanley Cup or Bust”, which is totally missing the point.

  • You fail to mention six other nations that have fought for bronze since 1998.

It also makes me wonder if they reserve the same type of competitiveness. concerns for Olympic table tennisChina has won 32 of the possible 37 gold medals.

Winner: Martin St. Louis

It is not often that you see a coach move from the Mid-Fairfield Rangers' under-13 team to become the Head Coach of the Montreal Canadiens. This is a great spot in St. Louis. Both Hughes and Gorton are fans. He must clear the bar, which is basically a broomstick lying on the ground. At best, he gains valuable experience in managing an NHL bench. The Canadiens are at best the next Brind'Amour.

Loser: Myopia

The Chicago BlackhawksThey promised boldness and adventure in their general manager search. That was apparently what that meant interviewing a white male from Major League BaseballInterviews with four white NHL men. The Meanwhile, Vancouver CanucksCammi Granato joined Emilie Castonguay as Cammi Granato, their second female assistant general manger.

Winner: Tuukka Rask

The Boston BruinsGoalie, who was “Tuukka Rask in the name only” after surgery, returned to goalie and made the correct decision to retireThis week. He said, “My body isn't responding in the right way for me to play at my best. Bruins fans deserve better.”

I hope that those Boston critics who made Rask a scapegoat, or didn't show Rask the same amount of affection, will eventually forgive him. Tim ThomasEarn came to appreciate what a special goaltender was. They should. You won't know what's in your possession until it's gone.

Loser: Brad Marchand

Marchand was expelled for slewfooting Oliver Ekman-LarssonHe stated earlier in the season that he had tried very hard to overcome the bad reputation he'd earned over the past four years. That's something I believe I've done an excellent job. It was obvious from the beginning that I had crossed the line many times. That continues to haunt me.” Two months later, he was given his eighth career suspensionBoo. This time it's for hitting a goalie on the head. Boo.

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