Cleveland Browns agree to re-sign Jadeveon Crlowney to a one-year, $11 Million deal

Defensive end Jadeveon ClowneyHe has agreed to sign a re-signing agreement with the Cleveland BrownsESPN sources confirm that the contract is for a year and will cost $11 million.

Clowney was a All-Pro pass rusher and finished the Browns' season with nine sacks, two forced fumbles and two sacks. Myles GarrettClowney was also a former No. 1 overall draft pick. reported Clowney's agreement with the Browns to resign.

Clowney (29 years old) signed a one year deal with the Browns worth up to 10 million. This included $750,000 of sack bonuses.

He had suffered injuries all through his career, including last season. Clowney was not able to perform in 2020 for the Tennessee TitansAfter finishing the season without a sack in eight of his games, he suffered a season-ending injury to his knee that required surgery.

Clowney, however, played in 14 games during the past season. In Cleveland's regular season finale, Clowney was strong and got two sacks as well as a forced fumble. Clowney indicated interest in Cleveland after the season, adding that he wanted financial success.

He stated, “You play at an elite level” and that he wanted to get paid.

The Houston TexansClowney was drafted No. Clowney was drafted No. He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection and has 41 sacks over eight seasons.

This report was contributed by Jake Trotter, ESPN.

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