Clippers win Kawhi Leonard’s (ankle) fight against Warriors

SAN FRANCISCO LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard The will not be faced with the Golden State Warriors This is what happened on Wednesday because of a sprained right leg.

Leonard was awkwardly landing after trying to block an attempt at a shot late in quarter four of Clippers' win against the visiting Utah Jazz Monday

He said Monday, “Just rolled mine ankle.” He said, “But I should not be fine.”

Leonard is currently recovering from this injury, having missed 12 games with a right knee injury. Leonard returned to the field last week and was able to play in three more games.

The Clippers will face the defending champions even though they are without their two best players. Paul George He will miss his second consecutive game due to a right-hamstring strain.

Leonard participated in two of the three first games of the season, before suffering stiffness in the right knee after he had it surgically repaired on Oct. 25. After missing a total of 12 games, Leonard was unable to play in the next three before he returned and played 25 minutes against the visiting team. Detroit Pistons. In his three previous games, he averaged 8.3 points per game and 4.3 rebounds per minute in 23.3 minutes.

Leonard missed last season due to tearing his right anterior cruciate ligament in Game 4 against Utah on June 14, 2021. Last week, he stated that it generally takes two to three years for the ACL to recover.

Clippers, who have had several interruptions to their rotation because of injuries and minutes restrictions on certain players (including Leonard), have had to contend with these disruptions. John WallIt will also be free of guard Luke Kennard On Wednesday, the right calf strain was used.

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