Coach Steve Nash said he is focused on Brooklyn Nets reality and not where they would be if Kyrie Irving had been vaccinated.

NEW YORK — New York is the home of the Brooklyn NetsTheir season is almost over. Coach Steve Nash told them that he does not think about the possibility of the Nets being there. Kyrie IrvingPrior to the season, had been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Nash stated, “I don’t think about it.” That's unrealistic. It isn't a worthwhile exercise. We deal with the reality. We deal in reality. Reality is what we deal with. If you don't face it honestly and present yourself, you won't get anywhere.”

The Nets are down by 3-0 to their rivals Boston CelticsThey have not been able to establish continuity, a trait they also failed to do in their first round series. Game 4 is looming Monday night.

Irving's decision not getting vaccinated may not be the sole reason why the Nets find themselves in this predicament. But, it is the storyline that has dominated everything the Nets have done since Irving stated that he would not receive the COVID-19 vaccine despite the fact Bill de Blasio (then-New York City mayor) requiring that city workers get the vaccine to ensure they can participate in the workplace.

Irving's decision was brought back to focus after Game 3, when he stated that he would like for the Nets had more time to laugh throughout the season.

Irving stated, “We're all just trying our best to jell.” “And often you're jelling just at the right moment. And the team in the opposite locker room is jelling at just the right time. They have been playing since Christmas. We are just having a new experience together.

“I don't want to be too cliché, but I don't have a lot of answers from how you make up time from October until now when usually teams would be jelling and things would be feeling good. I could be blamed for playing better, controlling more of the game, managing our possessions better, and being more disciplined. The same goes for holding the men accountable.

Irving stated clearly that he felt he had made the best decision for his health by declining to be vaccinated. But, Irving's decision cost him a significant portion of the Nets season. Irving was not offered a part-time position by the Nets to begin the year. However, they reversed their decision in December following a COVID-19 epidemic. Irving was back in action on Jan. 5 against the Nets. Indiana PacersHowever, he was not able to play in road matches. When Kevin DurantIrving suffered a severe injury to his left MCL and had to miss 1 1/2 months.

“I think that we've faced all the things this year, and we have put ourselves in this place which is a big victory considering the team could've imploded when Kevin wasn't there and Kyrie was only traveling on the road. James [Harden]All that stuff was lost. We kept our friendship alive. We came up with a way to keep going, even though we lost 18 of 21 or more.

“That was a huge win for this group, and that placed us in this situation. Now, we are in this position. We are getting our heads kicked in and trying to see the worst. It's very disappointing that we haven't won any of these games. We still have much to play for.

Harden was sold just before February's deadline. Philadelphia 76ersIn a deal that brought them together, Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre DrummondTwo future first-rounders to Brooklyn. Harden made it clear that Irving's decision against getting the vaccination was part of his initial news conference as a Sixer.

Simmons, who was supposed provide defensive support, has been unable to play because of a herniated disk. After Mayor Eric Adams relaxed the requirements for performers and athletes, Irving was finally able rejoin the team in full-time mode in March. The biggest games of this season are not the ones that the Nets sought continuity. Despite the many ups and downs, Irving's decision was supported by the Nets. Durant stated last month he didn't think Irving deserved extra criticism for his position on the vaccine, regardless of the season.

Nets guard: “I don’t think that way.” Bruce Brown said. “I support Ky's decision. He made that decision and he lived with it. I don't think about it.”

Irving has been publicly supported by Nash who also has repeatedly stood up for Irving.

Nash stated, “It would have been difficult to beat last year.” “But it's just nose-to-head. There hasn't been any continuity between the seasons. We have to face that challenge. You'll be amazed at the rewards that you get from accepting that challenge and working to overcome it.

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