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ASHBURN VA — As Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe BurrowHe sat on a cart as he prepared to leave FedEx Field Nov. 22, 2020. His season was over due to a knee injury. Chase YoungHe walked over to Burrow and leaned in. Burrow heard him tell him he loved him and he encouraged him to get well. Young said a brief prayer.

But, Washington CommandersPass-rushers knew that Burrow would return. He might even be better. Burrow is the major reason the Bengals will play in the Los Angeles RamsSuper Bowl LVI will be held Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET, NBC).

Young stated to ESPN that Joe is “that dude.” “No one is really surprised.”

Young stated that Burrow was a LSU student who won the Heisman Trophy and a national title — Young was one of four finalists in New York with him — Young also said that those who knew Burrow prior to his fame understood his potential.

After he won a spring competition against the state, the quarterback was at Ohio State for three years. He transferred to Ohio State in 2018. Dwayne HaskinsYoung was awarded the job as the starter. Young was an Ohio State teammate in Burrow for one season.

Young stated that a man's work ethic is a sign of who they are. Joe was always an honest guy and never hesitated to work. He wanted to be the first in every thing. Joe was always the first to do anything.

Young pointed to a video. resurfaced recentlyBurrow participating in a competition at Ohio State. Two players, Burrow and Pete Werner, were given a tire. The tire was placed between Burrow and Pete Werner. They then tried to pull the other guy out of the designated area on a mat. Burrow won.

Young stated that he knew Joe would be “that guy” wherever he went. We know his wiring. Everything Joe does, I just look at it and smile.”

Urban Meyer, a former Ohio State coach, once stated to ESPN that Haskins won the job instead of Burrow because he considered Burrow a stronger competitor. This was due to Burrow's days as a high-school standout in three sports. However, Haskins was more skilled as a passer.

Young stated that Joe can deliver the rock right now. “That was never an issue.”

His demeanor was also a part of his personality. Joe Cool is a nickname for Joe because of the way he manages situations. 21-3 deficitJanuary 30, in the AFC Championship Game. Kansas CityOn an overtime field goal.

Young said that Joe was always cool. “I can remember going to a party with Joe my freshman year. He was dancing, and he had a lot of fun. He was a great teammate and a guy who loves to play ball.

Another former Ohio State teammate is Commanders receiver during the 2019 season Terry McLaurinBurrow was mentioned to McLaurin. McLaurin was astonished when McLaurin said that Burrow was his boy. Later, he said that Burrow could galvanize a team. He also has an edge and makes others want to play with him. McLaurin was also present at the cart in 2020 when Burrow was hurt and knew that the quarterback would be fine.

McLaurin spent three years at Ohio State with Burrow and also predicted something that would come true.

McLaurin claimed that Burrow had been injured because “he always bouncesback from adversity. From challenges.” He attacks them head-on… and be careful, because he is a man who gets stronger every time he is knocked down.

Young, who tore his ACL in his right leg on Nov. 14 almost one year after Burrow was injured, has set his sights on achieving this goal. Young, who is currently in Colorado rehabbing his right knee, said that he can squat 225 pounds and perform one-legged squats while balancing on his back. He's jumping, too.

Young said that he was in Rocky Balboa's mindset when he visited the mountains to cut trees and other such activities. Young is referring to “Rocky IV.” “I'm starting from blue-collar. That grit. Just getting that mindset so that when the season comes around, I'm ready for rock.”

Young didn't have the season he and others had hoped for. Young had a strong rookie season, recording four of his 7.5 tackles, forcing two fumbles, recovering three, and scoring a touchdown in six of the 2020 games. However, he failed to make any big plays in 2021. He was faced with more double teams and chipblocks from the opposing tight ends and finished with 1.5 sacks as well as two forced fumbles in his nine games before suffering an injury that ended his season.

He said, “Everybody has hiccups on the road.” It doesn't matter how you start; it's about how you finish. I will… continue to work hard to become the Hall of Famer that I dream to be.

Young is at the Super Bowl in Salute to Service as part of USAA. USAA gave Young two Super Bowl tickets and a trip for him to Los Angeles. Darryl Griffing is a member the Georgia Army National Guard. Young will meet Griffing Saturday in Los Angeles.

Young stated that he has a special place for the military, as his grandfather was an Air Force pilot.

Young stated, “It's insane; it's an honor to be able bless others.” “Knowing my grandfather would be proud of me,” Young said.

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