Comment by Josh Donaldson of the New York Yankees on Tim Anderson, Chicago White Sox’s star: “racist”

After a hot afternoon on the field, it was continued with Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim AndersonBeing called “Jackie” by the New York YankeesJosh DonaldsonTony La Russa deemed the comment “racist”.

Donaldson confessed after the game that he called Anderson “Jackie”, a reference to Jackie Robinson, in the first inning. He later apologized and said he meant no offense. Anderson, who happens to be Black, later admitted that he had taken offense at the comment.

Anderson stated that Anderson made a discourteous comment. “He was basically trying to call Jackie Robinson. ‘What's up, Jackie?' I don't like playing like that. I don't play much at all. I was not going to bother anybody today, but he made that comment. I think it was inappropriate and disrespectful. It was not necessary.”

Donaldson, a white man, stated that the “Jackie” comment was made in reference to an interview with Sports Illustrated. Anderson said that he felt like “today’s Jackie Robinson” and how he's “getting at a point where the game needs to be changed.”

Donaldson claimed that the reference was one he made with Anderson and that he has “joked around” about it.

Major League Baseball is investigating the matter and has spoken to all parties involved, according to a source who spoke to ESPN's Alden Gonzalez.

Robinson broke the Major League Baseball colour barrier in 1947. Each team in the major leagues has taken his No. 42 to recognize the sacrifices, struggles and social impact that he made on the game.

Donaldson had taken second base and started chatting with Anderson in the third inning. Aaron Boone, the Yankees' manager, led Donaldson off the field, while Joe McEwing, the third-base coach, took Anderson, an All Star shortstop.

Donaldson made a racist comment and that's all I have to say. La Russa declared, “That's as strong and as strong as you can get.”

Anderson answered the question “Same.” Same. The same thing.

Donaldson said that he had told his side to his Yankees teammates. He also told reporters that Anderson would be open for a meeting to discuss the incident.

Donaldson stated, “My understanding of that isn't any term trying to make it racist by any facts of the matter.” It was clearly considered disrespectful by him. Let's face it, he may have done that. I am sorry. It's not what I wanted to do, and that's exactly what happened.

The Yankees and White Sox were both in the benches clear May 13Anderson protested against Donaldson's hard tag in Chicago.

Donaldson stated Saturday that he was trying to ease tensions between the players when they crossed paths in the first quarter of the game.

The White Sox catcher was thrown out of the game in the fifth inning. Yasmani GrandalHe stood from his crouch, and began to jaw at Donaldson as the plate approached. As relievers ran into the bullpens, the benches were empty and more barking began. La Russa was also shouting at Donaldson.

Grandal stated to reporters, “Believe Me, You don't want to me to tell you guys, what I told you,”

Anderson shouted at Donaldson, but was restrained by Jose AbreuInfielder Gavin Sheets. After a few more minutes, both sides were warned by the umpires and Donaldson was expelled.

Grandal stated after the game, “This game was through a period of time where a lot if those comments were meant. And I think we are way past that.” “And it's simply unacceptable. It was a low blow that I thought, and I want my team to support me. You can't say anything like that.

Boone stated that he knew of the incident and said, “I know… some speak of that.” It's important that I get the truth.

This report was compiled by the Associated Press.

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