Cooper Kupp: Deals show that players can trust the Los Angeles Rams to take care of them.

The past week has seen the following: Los Angeles Rams They have made it clear that their stars are important to them.

After reworking Aaron DonaldThe team announced Monday that he would be signing a contract to give him a significant raise. Cooper Kupp One of the highest-paid NFL receivers on Wednesday. After this season, neither player was eligible for a new contract. However, they were both given more security as well as a reward for their critical roles in the Rams’ Super Bowl victory.

There were never any public disagreements between either player. Both players believed that the Rams would take good care of them.

Kupp stated, “All the stuff that is on the business side of the organization, we can trust it to be a place which's going to take good care of you.” They'll be able to step up. There'll be respect and an understanding that this stuff will work out. There are many guys in our group who have the right mentality to put themselves first, and then let the business side of things take care of itself.

Kupp stated that he had “so much respect for” the organization's management “from the top.”

Kupp stated that while things may not be perfect, Kupp believes that there are players who have respect for their teammates. It doesn't always work that way. “I'm not ignorant to the fact that there are certain events that happen in this league.

“It may not always work out this way here, but I believe, as players understanding that you get out there and handle business on the fields, there will be an opportunity to be rewarded for your efforts and what your team produces when you're on those lines playing with your guys. That is why I am grateful.”

Rams quarterback was also extended this offseason Matthew StaffordDonald Kupp has signed more than $25 million in annual contracts. Cornerback Jalen RamseyThe Rams have kept their core intact to be in contention for another Super Bowl.

Kupp stated, “We come back year after year and it's obvious that the organization has placed itself and all its players in a place to be able go out and achieve this.” “That's something we take seriously and we are grateful for the support from the higher-ups at this organization. We also appreciate their willingness to challenge, push and be innovative and help us win games.

Kupp was the league's top catcher last season with 145 catches, 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns. He was also the Super Bowl MVP and he also caught two touchdowns. Since the 1970 merger, he was the fourth player to lead the league with receiving yards, touchdowns and receptions.

Kupp was wearing the No. 9, Stafford's jersey. Kupp stated that he did this to show how important his quarterback was to getting him to this point.

Kupp said, “I thought it's kind of cool.” Kupp said, “And certainly he was one of those people who's had a role in being in this place and having the opportunity to be here in Los Angeles and to be able be able sign that contract. Matthew Stafford is a great example of how a quarterback can play a significant role in this.

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