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FRISCO (Texas) — Every NFL fan has heard about the Brady 6 for more than 20 years. These were the quarterbacks chosen before the NFL. New England PatriotsSelect Tom BradyIn the sixth round 2000 draft.

Dak PrescottYou can relate.

“It’s seven for me,” the Dallas Cowboys quarterback said. “Brady 6, Dak 7.”

Prescott was the eighth pick in the 2016 draft. Prescott was selected by the Cowboys as a fourth-round selection. He has been a part of the playoff team three times since then. He has twice been named to the Pro Bowl and would have been added in 2021 if he hadn’t chosen to pass on the opportunity as a replacement.

He set the franchise record last year for touchdown passes in one season with 37. In 2021, he signed the most lucrative deal in team history — four years, $160million. This was more than Jerry Jones paid to buy the Texas Stadium and the club in 1989.

“You want them in order?” Prescott said when asked about the Dak 7.

“Goff, Wentz, Paxton, um, Brissett, Kessler. Missing one in the order Hackenberg. Connor Cook.”

Jared Goff Carson WentzThe No. 1 and 2 in round one of the Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. Paxton Lynch was the 26th overall selection to the Denver BroncosJones was shocked at Jones’ selection. The Cowboys tried to trade Jones back in the first round to capture him.

Christian Hackenberg was at the New York JetsThe second round (51st) was followed by Jacoby Brissett(91st, Patriots), and Cody Kessler (93/93). Cleveland BrownsIn the third. Cook, but the Cowboys were defeated by Cook.Oakland RaidersHe was taken by, who came in at No. 100 overall.

Prescott was then No. 135.

When the Cowboys phoned him on April 30, 2016, he didn’t seem particularly happy.

Prescott didn’t let loose with any big roars when Cowboys vice-president of player personnel Will McClay handed Jones the phone so that Jones could tell the owner/general manger that he was a Cowboy.

Although he said that he was excited, it felt muted.

“Yeah, it was an array of emotions,” Prescott said. “Friday night and even to Saturday morning, I was pissed. After Friday passed, yeah, I was angry I didn’t get selected. Then Saturday came, and every pick made only intensified it. When that call came, it was weird because really I knew this area code was Dallas, but, ‘Is this for real? I grew up a Cowboys fan.’ Then Jerry jumped on the phone, and I think somebody grabbed my shoulder and that’s when all the good emotions hit.”

Prescott is reminded every spring of his accomplishments.

“I wouldn’t say it fires me up. I’m very self-motivated, very self-inspired in that,” Prescott said. “I’ve got way bigger things to inspire me, but yeah, when you hear about it, you get reminded of it, so, yeah, for sure it just throws a little salt on the wound and makes you want to get out there.”

Brady, who isn’t yet retired, still won seven Super Bowls. Tampa Bay BuccaneersIn the offseason, to play a 23rd year, he uses the slights — real or perceived — as motivation. In an ESPN documentary about the Brady 6, he listed the six quarterbacks who came before him in a list:

  1. Chad Pennington, New York Jets, No. 18 overall

  2. Gio Carmazzi, San Francisco 49ers, No. 65 overall

  3. Chris Redman Baltimore Ravens, No. 75 overall

  4. Tee Martin Pittsburgh Steelers, No. 163 overall

  5. Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams, No. 168 in total

  6. Spergon Wynn, Cleveland Browns No. 183 overall

Brady was selected by the Patriots at No. 199 overall in round 6.

“A lot of people don’t believe in you,” Brady said in the piece. “It was obvious by six other quarterbacks being taken and 198 other picks. And I always felt, you know what, once I get my shot I’m going to be ready. I’m going to really take advantage of that.”

Brady did. Prescott also did.

Brady’s first preseason action came in the Hall of Fame Game against his boyhood team, the 49ers, and Carmazzi. Prescott’s first preseason action came against Goff in the NFL’s return to Los Angeles. Prescott took over the starting quarterback role after Tony Romo was injured in his back. He completed 10 of 12 passes for 13 yards and two scores. Goff didn’t start, but he completed 4 of 9 passes for 38 yard and had an interception.

After helping the Cowboys to a record of 13-3, Prescott was named NFL Rookie of the year. He has also started every game in Dallas. Goff was traded to Atlanta after he helped the Rams reach the Super Bowl in 2018. Detroit Lions2021

Jason Garrett, Prescott’s first head coach, doesn’t remember a specific conversation with Prescott about the motivation he got from the draft, but Garrett has been around so many great players that he understands the drive.

“Now it’s a long time ago and he probably has other things that fuel him now, but I often think of Michael Jordan’s speech when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Garrett said. “This is the greatest player that ever walked, right? He talked about his high school humiliations and so many other things along the way that he almost forgot them all. Somebody wrote an article he didn’t like, so he doesn’t talk to him and it’s ‘I’ll prove this.’ That’s a common thing among successful people and great athletes. It goes back to what’s that little thing that drives them and they find those things over and over and over.”

Prescott was the only quarterback left from the 2016 draft who was with his original team. Wentz was traded the Indianapolis ColtsLast year, he was traded to the Washington CommandersThis offseason. Lynch is playing for the USFL’s Michigan Panthers. Hackenberg was a high-school football coach. Brissett is on his fourth team, signing on as the Browns’ backup. Cook and Kessler have resigned from football.

Prescott is about for his seventh season. Prescott is confident in his past and who he is, but he still has the draft. He is proud to have the number. He has the No.



Dak Prescott talks about his love for tattoos, and how each one holds a special meaning for him.

“Especially six years in, and you still hear doubting, you hear what people say and knowing in comparisons to where you were with those people and you see the draft and the things that come up and it’s just interesting with people’s outlook,” he said. “But blessed that obviously the Cowboys believed in me, trusted in me and made the selection. I mean, every day I try to prove the Cowboys right and make the others, yeah …”

He didn’t finish the thought.

He didn’t need to.

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