Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Preston’so much farther along’ this year

FRISCO Texas — One year ago Dak Prescott was not completely cleared to participate in Dallas CowboysHe attended'minicamp as he made his way back from a dislocation and compound fracture of his right foot.


Prescott stated, “I believe I'm so far ahead than I was last time at this point.” “It's just being able be able to get the reps, being more mobile, taking care my whole body, and just focusing on everything rather than my leg is huge.”

Prescott reported that his weight is the same as last years, 228 lbs.

Prescott replied, “People tells me that he looks leaner,” It's the result of working on all aspects and not just my leg. I am focused on improving my health, no matter what it is.

At Mississippi State, he laughed that he was a meathead and ordered mandatory meals at Taco Bell or McDonald's each week. He has changed his diet in the past two years, although he hasn't completely cut out fast food.

Prescott explained that he was just training differently and doing more rotational exercises, which he believes helped to drop some baby fat.

This is Mike McCarthy's first offseason with Prescott. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the 2020 program was held in virtual format. Prescott was in rehab last year.

McCarthy stated that it was a huge success for everyone. McCarthy stated that he believes all the small things we do, especially the meetings and walkthroughs, are important. But, it's been amazing for him to not have limits. It's evident in the way he moves this year with his body. He is clearly different from last year. He had an amazing offseason.

Prescott stated that the ankle injury didn't make him hesitant to run. Last season, he had 48 carries and 146 yards. In 2019, he had 52 carries, 279 yards, and three touchdowns. He explained that he has learned to balance risk with reward.

“And just understanding what some of those are called, how are they called?” Prescott stated. “To go get first down and get that, get some yards. Get out of bounds. Keep in mind the importance of all things. I'm not going to be called upon by the coach to run people over or stiffen their arms. “Being smart and understanding that I'm available to help others is the best thing for me.”

Are there any more planned runs for this season?

“I'm expecting to have around 20 carries a season,” he laughed.

The Cowboys' offseason program has only had limited time Prescott has spent with some of his most trusted receivers. Michael Gallup He is currently undergoing treatment for a torn anteriorcruciate ligament. Free-agent pickup James Washington He is currently unable to participate in any of the minicamps or team activities because he has a leg problem. CeeDee Lamb Noah Brown Have not practiced in the past two weeks.

Prescott stated that the Cowboys plan to meet up before they start training camp in Oxnard (California) in late July. He said it would be either at Prescott's backyard turf field or elsewhere.

Prescott stated that they will make sure to go out on a few occasions and build chemistry. He also suggested getting some routes and trying some things that may be uncomfortable. “CeeDee's someone we've been working with. He's the one I am referring to, but we've worked together all the way to this point. James and these other guys will be making it a point of getting extra time in.

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