Dallas Stars-Anaheim Ducks season finale: Emergency goalie steals show

Professional sports don't always include the complete story. That was the case with the regular-season finale, which saw the conclusion of the regular season between the Dallas StarsAnd Anaheim Ducks.

Tom Hodges was the emergency backup goalie and played college hockey at SMU. The show ended in a 4-2 Stars victory.

Hodges was dressed in a Stars mask, green pads and a Ducks jersey as he entered the NHL's first game of his professional career. John GibsonAnd Anthony StolarzWith injuries, he quit the game.

Per NHL.comHodges' surprise NHL debut was made because the home team must have an Emergency Backup Goalie (commonly referred to as the EBUG).

Hodges declared after the game, “That's a great group of guys.” “They came up to my side and tried to calm it down. They could see that I was about to panic. They didn't care if I lost or won. [goals]Just get out there and have some fun. It made the experience much easier.

His new teammates, although only for one night, gave him a warm reception in the locker area.

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