Dave Attwood – The results for the Bath lock are beginning to favor the team

Bath's Dave Attwood
Since his return to the club, Dave Attwood started five Premiership matches at Bath.

Lock Dave Attwood stated that Bath will be looking to build on the momentum gained from their three Premiership wins.

Bath began the campaign by losing seven consecutively in all competitions.

The club finished at the bottom in the league last year and are now eighth in their league.

From 2011 to 2019, Attwood worked eight years at The Rec. returned this summer. After three years with Bristol Bears, I was finally able to move on.

Attwood said that although there were many games where we gave good performances, we ended up on the wrong side of history in the end.

“Look at the three previous results and you will see that Leicester is number one. [the win came in] Last play of the match, Northampton was very close in the end, Newcastle too.

“There are very fine margins within the Premiership, and some of these results are beginning to go our direction.

“All we have been able do is to focus on getting our basics right, looking after the ball at breakdown, trying to play sensibly around field, and taking care of our set piece.

“As our focus has shifted in on those areas and those areas have begun to come together, we start to see results. We hope that over the coming weeks, we can build upon that momentum, those finer aspects, those structural pilings, and then we will be able to start building the bigger game.

They will face Exeter in next week's Premiership Rugby Cup. After losing their first two matches in group, they are unable qualify for the semi finals.

However, Attwood is still in contention to play. serving a three-week ban Fraser Dingwall, Northampton's centre, was injured during the match last month.

“The team playing at the weekend [in the Premiership] “Is starting to produce some results and there is an extremely high bar to get back in the team and there is a good chance for all of us, to hold our hands up,” Attwood stated.

Help build the future!

The lure to him returning to the Recreation Ground, he said, was to mentor younger players.

Attwood was a Bath player for the first time, making 157 appearances. He has now added five more to his total.

He stated, “A large part of the reason I came to Bath was because of the squad's youth and the possibility that I could help build some of them for the future.”

“A collective performance is a way to show everyone in the best light. I believe there's a great chance for me to not only lead but also to take care of some of these guys when they get frantic. Pull them in and hopefully get them playing the right kind of rugby.

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