Dean Spanos, a sister to Dean Spanos, is accused of misogynistic behavior in a legal battle for Los Angeles Chargers control

Los Angeles Chargers In a lawsuit filed by his sister, Dean Spanos was accused of “misogynistic” behavior and “self-dealing”. This escalates their ongoing legal battle for control over the team.

Dea Spanos Berberian's attorneys filed the suit Thursday in San Joaquin County Superior Court. She is seeking sole control and management of a family trust which accounts for more than one-third ownership of the Chargers. The suit asks for Spanos to be removed as co-trustee by the court and Berberian to receive unspecified financial damages.

Berberian, Spanos and Berberian own 15% each of the Chargers' franchise. 36% are managed by the family trust while the remainder is owned by nonfamily members.

Following the death of Alex Spanos and Faye Spanos, Berberian were made co-trustees.

Berberian says her brothers Dean and Michael repeatedly act out of misogynistic and entitlement attitudes. She also believes that their pitiable behavior is meant to teach her that a woman does not have rights, no matter how trust instruments might suggest. According to the lawsuit, Dean and Michael also believe that men have control, no matter what their parents or their wills say.

Berberian asserts that Spanos Family Trusts have become insolvent. She also claims that Spanos' decision not to move the Chargers out of Los Angeles has been financially devastating. Her family must sell the team to meet the trust's debt obligations.

The lawsuit also includes multiple allegations against Dean Spanos of “breaches in fiduciary responsibility”, including the alleged depletion of $105 million from his trust to pay various debts. Spanos allegedly also manipulated the trust to borrow $60 million “for the wasteful acquisition of an aircraft for Dean's or Michael's use that had no legitimate business justification.”

Berberian also accuses her brother Steven Cohen, executive vice president of The Spanos Corporation and COO, of conspiring to undermine Berberian's relationship with Father Alex Karloutsos, the Greek Orthodox Church pastor, of “deliberately” causing her to lose her relationship with him.

Alex Spanos purchased the San Diego Chargers in 1984, and Dean Spanos assumed management of the franchise in 1994. The legal conflict came into public view in April 2021Berberian filed a petition to the Los Angeles County Superior Court asking them to sell the trust.

Berberian is represented by Adam Streisand. He also represented Jeanie Buiss during her takeover of the estate. Los Angeles Lakers From her brothers and Steve Ballmer during the trial to force Donald Sterling into selling the LA Clippers.

ESPN reached out to Berberian and Streisand for comment but they did not respond.

As the NFL continues to investigate sexual harassment allegations within its ranks, the lawsuit was filed. Washington Commanders organization, and even Dan Snyder being accused. The league is also looking into allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault. Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun WatsonShe has been named in 24 lawsuits, two of which were filed in the past week, as a defendant.

This report was based on information from The Associated Press.

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