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SANTA CLARA (Calif.) — It shouldn't be surprising that San Francisco 49ersReceiver Deebo SamuelOn Wednesday, Jeff Darlington of ESPN spoke to him he has requested a trade.

Samuel seemed to be growing dissatisfied with the 49ers over the past month, including his attempts to scrub the team's social media accounts and this week, his refusal at the opening of the 49ers offseason conditioning program.

There are many questions now about the nature of the once strong relationship between a team's best player and a team.

What is the problem?

Samuel is about to enter the last year on his rookie contract. Samuel is a fundamental player for the Niners and they have repeatedly stated that they would like to keep him on long-term. The Niners are also ready to offer defensive end Nick Bosa a mega contract extension soon. The Niners have reached deals in the past with players in similar circumstances (tight end). George KittleLinebacker Fred WarnerAfter lengthy negotiations, he agreed to it. These agreements were reached closer to training camp. However, the Niners can now go through free agency as well as the draft first.

This year, the receiver market has seen a boom. Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill Stefon DiggsEarning contracts has influenced the rate at which a top wideout is paid. The ceiling has been reset but the floor has not. Jacksonville's wideout is less experienced. Christian KirkReceived an eye-opening contract for $18 million annually.

Samuel is not the only one who wants a new deal. Tennessee's A.J. Brown, Seattle's DK MetcalfWashington's Terry McLaurinThey were all non-first round picks in the draft together with Samuel (2019), and are eligible for extensions.

Samuel's situation is however different. While others still seeking a deal have longer résumés of production as traditional receivers, much of Samuel's success is tied to his added value as a running back, which, in theory, could raise his price tag above the other wideouts getting paid. This versatility can be both good and bad. Samuel's earning power increases simultaneously, but it also puts a strain on his body and could affect his career longevity.

Samuel stated that he was okay with the dual role at the end of the season. He even invented the term “wide back”

Samuel replied, “I'm perfectly okay with it.” “Like i said all year, i'm willing to do whatever it takes to win this team in any aspect.”

Kyle Shanahan, the Niners' coach, stated that Samuel would play a “very similar role” in 2022. However, he acknowledged that the Niners had to be cautious about this. It's reasonable to wonder if Samuel would prefer a traditional receiver role (and therefore be paid like one), or if he would rather have his running back snaps decreased.

What are the 49ers' options for a team like this?

Samuel may have requested a trade, but that doesn't necessarily mean the Niners will make a trade for him. They have options.

  • To keep Samuel, fix any damage to ensure he is signed long-term.This would be the preferred option for the Niners, according to all indications. They are determined to sign him and keep him in the future. In recent weeks, they tried to have discussions but that has not worked. For any team, the decision to remove the best offensive weapon of the team would be hard to swallow. However, this team was only one win away the Super Bowl. It is now ready to hand the offense over to a young quarterback. Trey Lance. Samuel and Shanahan have a close relationship, so it's possible that the sides might still find common ground.

  • Samuel can be traded to the highest bidderAlthough this is the option that the Niners don't want, if they get enough offers, they will have to consider it. After trading it for Lance last year, San Francisco does not have a first round pick this year. Adams and Hill were exchanged for packages that contained first-round selections. The Niners would need something similar to move Samuel. The New York JetsHill just missed, so he would make a good match, as the Jets have only two first-round picks (Nos. Robert Saleh, former 49ers defensive coordinator and coach, has a good understanding of Samuel. Recent precedent shows that the Niners are not afraid to trade players they don't like. They did this with defensive tackle. DeForest BucknerAnd the Indianapolis Colts2020. John Lynch, general manager, has described trading Buckner as the most difficult thing he has had to do in his career as a GM. Trading Samuel would certainly be at the top of the list.

  • Keep Samuel. Force him to finish his last season, then tag him for 2023.This is unlikely and could lead to a heated staredown between the teams. Here, the Niners have some leverage. According to the league's collective agreement, Samuel can lose his season. In addition, he would be a restricted free agent in 2023. The Niners would still retain control of Samuel's rights. Samuel could also choose to “hold on,” which is popular among players who are looking for new deals. This involves reporting, but not participating in the field activities. However, this would require that Samuel be willing to negotiate an extension to allow the Niners to keep him onboard. Samuel could be tagged by the Niners with the option to trade him next season. But that is a risky scenario. Samuel's injury could reduce his value under a new contract, and the Niners would lose any potential trades.

What is the timing of this?



Rob Ninkovich shares his views on the reports that Deebo Samson is seeking a new deal with the 49ers following his breakout season.

It would be logical for the Niners to trade Samuel sooner than later if they decide to do so.

The NFL draftIt is scheduled to start on April 28. The 49ers should know not only if there are any first-round picks but what gaps they will need to fill. You can see that Samuel's departure would leave huge holes.

Samuel might be traded in the future. It should be clear that Samuel is still with the Niners at the end of the first round. This will send a message about how the Niners plan to deal with this mess.

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