According to autopsy report, Demaryius died from seizure disorder complications.

ENGLEWOOD COLO. — Former Denver Broncos Demaryius, a wide receiver, died due to “complications a seizure disorders,” according an autopsy report by the Fulton County (Ga.). Medical Examiner's office.

ESPN shared portions of the report on Friday. Thomas, aged 33, was found unresponsive in his Roswell home. An autopsy was conducted the day after.

In December, the medical examiner's office stated that the cause of death and method of death would be determined after the results of microscopical tissue samples and laboratory studies. The final report by the medical examiner stated that Thomas' death was still undetermined. It was not known if the seizure disorder resulted from natural causes or if it was caused by impacts to Thomas' head while he was playing in the NFL.

Boston University researchers told ABC News last month that Thomas had died from chronic traumaticencephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a brain disease that causes degeneration. According to an autopsy report, the same researchers who did the autopsy said that Thomas' CTE had not caused his seizure disorder.

Thomas was found dead in the shower. His autopsy report indicated that there were traces of marijuana and nicotine in his system. But neither was listed as contributing factors to his death.

Thomas' relatives stated publicly at the time of Thomas' death that he had suffered seizures about a full year prior to his death. Thomas' former teammates claimed that he had said to them that he had experienced seizures in recent weeks.

Thomas was a beloved player in the community for his trademark smile and unwavering desire to help others. Denver and the NFL both were stunned by his death.

Thomas, who will have turned 34 on Christmas Day, had made an announcement about his retirement from NFL in June 2021. He did this with a short video, in which he displayed a smile and a peace sign.

Thomas was one of two first-round draft picks for the Broncos at the 2010 NFL draft. Tim Tebow The other was the other, and he was with the team for nine seasons. He ended his career as the Broncos second-leading receiver (9.055 yards), behind Rod Smith. He ranks third in franchise history for catches (655), behind Smith and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

Thomas was a Broncos player for 10 seasons. Houston Texans New York Jets And finished with 724 receptions for 9,763 yards.

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