Dennis Allen, New Saints coach, wants to ‘create my own legacy’ in New Orleans

METAIRIE, La. — The main reason the Metairie, La. SaintsDennis Allen has been promoted as defensive coordinator to replace Sean Payton.

Allen stated that he is more prepared for his second stint as an NFL head coach because of the team's winning culture. Raiders‘ Head coach 10 years ago.

Allen, 49 years old, stated that he would “put his own spin on” this job since he was replacing his long-serving boss.

Allen said that he wanted to “take the lessons that I have learned, I want a build upon them, and I want my own legacy here with New Orleans Saints,” adding that the No. Allen, who said that the No. 1 lesson he learned during his coaching career (including his 8-28 stint as a Raiders coach), was that you must do things your own way and be yourself.

Allen is certainly a notable figure with a defense which has been a strength for the Saints in recent years. They rank fourth in NFL in yards allowed and points allowed in the past three seasons. They became the first team in 15 years to defeat Tom Brady in December, when Allen was appointed interim head coach. Payton was sidelined due to COVID-19.

We chose him for his leadership abilities, his teaching skills and his football acumen. “He's just a damn great football coach,” Mickey Loomis, general manger, stated Tuesday.

Allen and Loomis both said that while Allen's interview for the job lasted about 6½ hours last week, he has really been interviewing for the job for “12 of the past 16 years” since he first arrived as an assistant defensive line coach on Payton's original staff in 2006.

Gayle Benson, owner, said that Allen came to New Orleans in a time when “many others were going somewhere else” following Hurricane Katrina's destruction of the city.

Allen didn't make any announcements about his immediate plans, though he suggested that he might still call his own plays in defense as “it is hard to turn over your baby.”

It is not clear if Pete Carmichael Jr., the long-time offensive coordinator, will continue in his position. Allen indicated that he does not plan to make any changes to the staff. He said that the offense would not be run any differently from what he and his team have been able do in the past. This is despite some possible “tweaks.”

“I believe that the most unique thing about this job is that it was not a broken job. This job is highly desirable. Allen stated that this job has a winning culture and foundation that's been established. “I don’t think this is something that requires a lot of change.”

Allen wasn't prepared to make the announcement about the team's plans for quarterback. However, he acknowledged that it was “the most important decision that anyone makes.”

The Saints could definitely look at bringing back a free agent Jameis WinstonThe 5-2 hitter was a starter in last season's league before torn his ACL. They will probably consider trades and other options for free agents, since this position is so important.

Allen addressed the receiver as well Michael ThomasAfter missing the entire last season due to an ankle injury, he appears to be still a major part of the team's plans.

Allen stated that Allen was aware of his efforts to recover and was ready to go. Allen said, “He is really committed to the season. He's looking forward to getting to work.”

Allen was asked about Alvin Kamara's arrest Sunday for battery in Las Vegas. This is a crucial issue that the team will continue to monitor over the coming weeks. Kamara's next court date for March 8 is currently set.

Allen stated that he believes it is too early to make any kind of comment. “I believe we need to gather all of the information before we can make any kind of comment.”

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