Denver Broncos have plans for Javonte Wils and Melvin Gordon to share carries. Denver Broncos Blog

ENGLEWOOD (Colo.) — There have been many changes in the area, including a new lounge for players. Denver BroncosThe team's playbook overhaul continues in the offseason with Nathaniel Hackett as coach.

The Broncos have a fresh look for their meetings, and the practices are on a different schedule. Hackett continues to make an impact on what the Broncos do on the field this season.

Running backs will be the one thing that will not change from 2021. Javonte Williams Melvin Gordon IIIThe two will once again split carries. Gordon's Return — With a One-year incentive-laden Deal announced two days before the NFL draft— was the Broncos' desired outcome.

George Paton, general manager said that “we just want the best players.” “Melvin will help us win football matches. Javonte is a great teammate. It's impossible to have enough great football players. He's going help us win games. Melvin is our favorite player in the locker-room. His work ethic and approach are admirable, as well as his ability to play great football. They are all too rare.

No other league team split their running workload last season like the Broncos. Gordon and Williams each had 203 carries. Williams ran for 903 yards, while Gordon ran for 918.

Gordon was open about his love for Williams, as well as his teammates from the Broncos' locker-room. However, he did not sign any contracts as March turned into late April. Gordon stated that he was open to the possibility of a bigger workload.

Gordon returns to the Broncos with the knowledge that Williams is the team's quarterback. Russell WilsonHe “jumped out” on the game's video shortly after his arrival.

“Whatever [general manager] George [Paton]Williams declared just before the draft, “has planned, I'm prepared.” It doesn't really matter if I need to split carries or if my role is the starter. No matter what, I want to win Super Bowl.

Gordon's return also shows that the Broncos are not as enthusiastic about the draft class of running backs. The Broncos didn't use any of their nine picks to draft a runningback, and only one of the 13 rookies that the team originally agreed with was a runningback.

Paton explained, “It wasn't difficult.” “Melvin's a great football player.”

Wilson is the Broncos' quarterback. But, they don't want to be run-first. Wilson is also important. Williams will likely be given slightly more carries, but Hackett promised that he would keep the running backs busy and that there will still be carries.

Hackett's three seasons in the Green Bay Packers‘Operating coordinator Aaron JonesTwo times, 200 carries exceeded 200 — 236 in 2019 & 201 in 2020 Jamaal WilliamsIn those years, Jones had 107 and119 carries. Jones missed two regular season games last year. AJ DillonJones had 171 carries and Jones led the team in carries with 187.

Hackett recently stated that running back is something Hackett believes in. Mike BooneThe offense will be represented by at least one other player. Boone signed free agency with Broncos last season, but he was injured in training camp and never got a chance to play a significant role.

Boone did not play in a week 6 game, but he played in eight overall games and had just four carries.

Hackett stated, “I just looked all through my past, that you need to have stable of running backs.” “You want to pass the ball off. This protects the quarterback. It's what makes the play pass easier and helps to reduce the risk of getting downfield. Two guys like this, then you can throw. [Mike]Boone, another change-up man, is in there. It's an excellent group. … We will feed the hottest. That's part of its beauty.

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