Denver Broncos’ WR Jerry Jeudy’s partner asks that the misdemeanor case against him be dropped

DENVER — The girlfriend Denver BroncosWide receiver Jerry JeudyA judge dismissed Friday's misdemeanor case against him arising from a dispute between them.

The mother, Jeudy's one-month-old baby, said that she didn't feel threatened and called Judge Chantel Contiguglia to monitor the situation.

Jeudy, 23 years old, was taken into custody at the suburban Denver home of the couple after his girlfriend reported that Jeudy had left some of her personal items and items for the baby in the car. This prevented him from returning to Virginia. Jeudy was charged with second-degree criminal interference with a domestic violence enhancementr. He spent the night in jail before being allowed to appear before a judge.

Contiguglia was unable to immediately decide on what to do with the case, but released Jeudy from jail and allowed him travel.

Terri Combs, spokesperson for the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office said Friday that the case is still open. Jeudy will appear next on May 31 for a hearing to enter plea.

Harvey Steinberg, Jeudy’s lawyer, stated that Jeudy didn't do anything that would have been considered a crime. He also said that the domestic violence label shouldn’t have been applied to Jeudy's case because there was no violence or attempted to violence.

Steinberg stated that bad things can happen to good people and that this is the case.

Authorities claim there was no evidence of physical violence. Colorado law allows domestic violence to include any crime against an intimate partner, their property, or that is used in intimidation, coercion, or revenge. Police are required to arrest any suspect in such a crime.

Roshan Kalantar, associate Director of Violence Free Colorado, Colorado's coalition fighting domestic violence, stated that there are other types of domestic violence.

Kalantar stated that mandatory arrest laws were created because police felt powerless to arrest suspects if they denied abuse. Kalantar acknowledged that domestic violence survivors may not want to be arrested, which could lead to further violence.

Nathaniel Hackett was the Broncos' rookie head coach. He said that he met Jeudy after his release and that they “are going to move forward and learn from it together.”

Hackett declined to answer a question about whether Jeudy would be subject to team discipline. We are here to support him, and we will move on from this.

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