Denver Nuggets and Michael Malone are still trying to subdue the “three-headed monsters” of Golden State Warriors.

DENVER — The Golden State WarriorsThe new lineup of small-ball players has proven so deadly that they have a Denver NuggetsCoach Michael Malone seeks a mythic analogy to Steph Curry and the trio of Steph Curry. Klay ThompsonAnd Jordan Poole.

Malone claimed that one of his assistants did some research for Malone on Saturday.

Malone asked his assistant, “What's the three-headed monster of Greek mythology?” It's almost like Cerberus.

According to Greek mythology, Cerberus was a monstrous hound that watched over Hades' gates.

The Warriors' trio has had a remarkable start to their first playoff run. The Warriors are looking to sweep the Nuggets in Denver in Game 4 on Sunday. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Curry, Thompson, and Poole will be the only guard trio to average 20 points per contest in a playoff series.

They can also become just the fourth trio, regardless of position, with 20 points per game on 50% field goal shooting in a series over the last 35 postseasons according to research by ESPN Stats & Information research.

Malone stated, “The efficiency with which they do it is probably more frightening than anything.” “We made them do hard work and push the limits, and that is what we got. … One thing we discussed was how to get rid of one of these three-headed monsters.

Poole has averaged 28.7 points in his first postseason as an active starter. He also shot a solid 66.7% from the field, including a blistering 59.1% from beyond the arc. Curry has returned from a left foot injury and is now averaging 25.7 point per game. Thompson averages 22 points per series.

The guards were particularly hard to take down by the Nuggets, especially Poole. The guards were sometimes banged off the ball by the Nuggets in an attempt to take Poole down. Poole was still able to shoot 9-for-13 and score 27 points in the 118–113 Game 3 victory. Poole is the first guard with 25 points on 60% shooting in three straight playoff games since the merger (1976-77) according to research by ESPN Stats & Information research.

Curry scored 27 points in just 31 minutes, while Thompson added 26.

Denver point guard: “They're shooting right into a big hooop right now.” Monte MorrisAfter Saturday's practice, they said. “Last week, you could see we were in attack mode. Just running and being more physically. This was the most physical game we have played in this series. You can see that it frustrated them. They had many turnovers in that stretch… We kind of changed the game's face just by being physical, and that taught us something.”

Morris said, “It's an pride thing, but it's just going be like, hoop freely and have fun, win, and get ready for San Fran (for possibly Game 5). This is our goal. This is our goal.

Rookie Bones HylandThe Nuggets appeared to be extremely loose during what could have been their final practice of the season.

Hyland declared, “Ain’t not any pressure.” “All the pressure on them. As soon as we entered today's class, it felt like everybody was there by themselves. Nobody's tight, everybody's loose. Everyone is feeling great about themselves, I believe. It was a great experience.

” … This is the truth, I believe. This is a positive sign. Everyone was really tight for the past week. “It is because we are playing an excellent team and everybody is trying their best.”

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