Derek Jeter joins Social Media, builds a huge following and conducts AMA

Derek Jeter joined the social media community Tuesday. Twitter And Instagram profiles. The former were available as of Tuesday evening. New York Yankees Shortstop has more than 270,000 combined followers on both Twitter and Instagram. Jeter's Twitter account has only a handful of tweets as of this writing. One of those tweets was a quote-retweet which poked fun at an old tweet from 2014 where a user claimed that he had no excuse to not have a profile.

Jeter amassed approximately 50,000 Twitter followers in the first hour after he created his account. To welcome Jeter to the Twitterverse, former teammates including Alex Rodriguez (CC Sabathia) and CC Sabathia reached out.

Jeter received a warm welcome from more celebrities and teams via Instagram and Twitter. Timbaland Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho And his wife, Hannah.

Despite all the positive reception Jeter received on Twitter on Tuesday, Jeter was most active on Instagram, where he engaged with his new followers during an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Jeter mentioned the years as his favorite Yankee memory. 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2009 He recalled the World Series championships he won with the team. He shared the most difficult pitchers he faced in his career. was the late Roy HalladayHe named Pedro Martinez the best pitcher against whom he had ever faced.

Jeter replied that he was “active” since retiring.chasing aroundTwo little girls, Bella Raine's 5-year-old and Story Grey's 3-year-old daughters. River Rose, a six month old daughter of his, is also diaper-duty. He also showed a playground set as a background and said that he spends a lot of time there with his girls.

Jeter also discussed his relationship with “Core Four” fellow members Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte. He said that his relationship with them remains close and that they will continue to be “.always be like brothers“To him.

Was it because of this that Jeter decided to finally join social networking? He acknowledged it should have happened soonerHowever, he said that he would like to use social networking to share some of his projects and to highlight the work of Turn 2, his foundation. Jeter also talked about his upcoming documentary, “The Captain”, which will be released July 18. ESPN and ESPN+. He stated that 70 people were interviewed and hopes that fans will “enjoy this insight.”

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