Derek Jeter, Miami Marlins CEO, steps down

Derek Jeter has resigned as CEO of The Miami MarlinsHe announced the news Monday.

Today I am officially announcing that the Miami Marlins, and I, have ended our relationship. I will no longer be the CEO or shareholder of the Club. Five years ago we had a vision for the Marlins franchise. I have been proud to lay my reputation and name on the line in order to make it a reality. With hard work and trust, as well as accountability, we transformed every aspect, including the workforce, and developed a long-term strategy for success.

“That being said, my vision for the franchise’s future is very different from the one I was given to lead. As a new season begins, it is the right moment for me to step down.”

Jeter was part the group that won August 2017 the right to purchase the Marlins for $1.2 billion. The deal became official two months later. Jeter was given a 4% share in the purchase and became the CEO and supervisor of baseball operations.

Despite making the playoffs in the 2020 season due to a pandemic, the Marlins still have the worst record in National League history in four seasons Jeter was their CEO.

This report used information from The Associated Press.

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