Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell doesn’t expect rookie WR Jameson Williams to be available for training camp

ALLEN PARK (Mich.) — There was initially optimism that there would be a recovery. Detroit Lions rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams Although Williams might be available for training camp in time, Dan Campbell, the head coach, doesn't expect that to happen as Williams continues to recover from his ACL injury.

“I don’t think he will be ready for training camp. Campbell said that Campbell doesn't think so. Campbell said, “I am very optimistic, but I don’t see it. We're going do this right and he will be ready when he's ready. No, I don’t think you’re going to see him there from Day 1.

The Lions closely monitor their No. The Lions will be closely following their No. 12 pick, and won't rush him.

Williams has been seen at the practice facility for mandatory and rookie minicamps. He has not been present, but he has watched from the sidelines while holding a football in his hand in anticipation of his return.

Campbell stated, “We'll have plans for him moving forward.” “He'll be around here with me and in the brief time he does return home, we'll know where he's at and who those people are. We're going to have an action plan for him.

Williams is expected to play a major role in the team's future. This is why the front office traded 20 spots to acquire him in the first round. The Alabama player injured his left ACL during January's national championship game. Detroit still believes in him.

Lions quarterback Jared Goff He is among the people in the company that are excited about his return, while trying to keep him connected with the team throughout the offseason. Goff is a young player who understands the importance to stay involved.

“Very excited. He has a special talent that I can't help but admire. [saying] like ‘get him back, get him back,'” Goff said. And, while I know that they will make sure he stays as healthy and as well as possible, selfishly I want him to come back as soon as I can. However, he is still a committed person. He has the script in his hands, he is seeing the plays and he's doing an excellent job. He is a tremendous talent and a part of our team. I am confident that he will grow into his position.

Goff was astonished to see Detroit make the move up to sign him. Goff also confessed to having watched his highlight tape on draft day and said that his ability to make others miss what jumps off the screen is what he does.

Goff stated, “I think I'm doing my best to keep him involved” and ensure he feels like he is a part. “And I'm sure I'm not alone, coaches do that, trainers do that, but it's what sometimes happens when these guys go through long rehabs. You can feel like you aren't quite part of it. Just making sure that he feels loved and part of the work we do. We hope to have him back sooner than later.

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