Devin Booker claims the Phoenix Suns are ‘locked-in’ ahead of Game 7, according to Devin Booker

PHOENIX – After losing in spectacular fashion to the Dallas MavericksSuns star in Game 6 of Western Conference semifinals Devin BookerParticipated in a card-game with colleagues Chris PaulAnd Jae CrowderThey also discussed the Game 7 challenge ahead.

Paul has played in seven Game 7s, going 3-4 overall and losing his last three. Crowder has been in two Game 7s. He lost his first round match in 2014 against the Mavericks. He won the second round of 2017 against the Mavericks. Boston Celtics.

Sunday will be Booker's first day at work, aged 25. It's an opportunity Booker relishes.

Booker said that after Saturday's practice at Verizon 5G Performance Center, “I like coming here with everybody locked down, top to bottom — you can feel them demeanor.” “That's what we do the sport. We thought there was something. [in terms of pressure]During the regular seasons, trying to break franchise records is quite a feat.

The series has shown a dramatic difference depending on where you are located. The Suns have won 3-0 in their three home games at Footprint Center. They win by an average 19 points. They've lost an average of 15.3 to the Suns' road games at American Airlines Center.

Phoenix was awarded the No. 1 seed in the postseason for setting the franchise record in wins with 64-18 victories in the regular season. The No. 1 seed in the postseason, and the right of playing any Game 7 at their house.

Booker said, “If we just look at history of the league, homecourt advantage, it's really a saying.” “It's always difficult to win at home. It's the comfort of playing that I value. [41]It's better to play in front of fans than three on the road. It's sure to be raucous in there. It's going be exciting and it's going be full of energy. It's something I look forward too.

Monty Williams, Suns coach, said that his team used Saturday practice to “clean up” before the crucial matchup. Are there two main points to be aware of? Take care of your basketball and protect the 3-point line. The Suns' three losses in Phoenix were 18.7 turnovers. That contributed to the Mavericks' average 16.3 made 3-pointers.

Williams, like Booker couldn't hide his excitement.

Williams said, “You can sense it.” The gym is filled with intensity from the moment we realized we would be playing in Game 7 to now. That's playoff basketball.

The Suns will need to find a way for them to have fun between Saturday's practice or Sunday's tipoff.

“I'm going right now to get my nails done. Pamper yourself a bit. Crowder said, “Get my feet done.” I just check my boxes. Make sure you are able to see the game plan and the changes we are making. These boxes are checked off. You can see the second half the last game. Then, I'll have everything you need to get me started.”

Crowder stated that he streamed “Atlanta”, which is a lighter TV series, on Friday, but will be streaming “Ozark,” which is a more serious drama on Saturday. Booker, however, stated that he was “going be wired” but plans to play the videogame “Call of Duty” while looking for other ways to relax.

“It's a hot, sunny day today, I may get in the swimming pool,” he stated.

The Suns won't wait long to get into their most important match of the season.

Booker stated that understanding your season was key. “So that adds to it, an exciting pressure. I think we have guys in this gym who embrace that. It's okay to embrace it, to take it in, and to be ready to perform at your best.

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