Dillon Brooks says series loss is a motivator, and that Grizzlies are coming’ for Warriors.

SAN FRANCISCO – After the Memphis GrizzliesWith a score of 110-96, the team lost the postseason. Golden State WarriorsMemphis advanced in Game 6 to reach the semifinals of their conference series. Dillon BrooksThe Grizzlies are on the trail of the Warriors, according to one source.

Brooks stated that “we're young, and they're getting older.” They know we will be here every year.

Brooks, 26 years old, is the Grizzlies' oldest of eight scorers. This season, the upstart Memphis team won 56 games and finished as the West's No. 2 seed.

After making seven consecutive postseason appearances with their “Grit ’n’ Grind” squad in 2010, the Grizzlies started to rebuild in 2018 around a younger core. Memphis has been a major contributor to the drafts in the last four years. Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., Desmond Bane Brandon ClarkeBrooks was included in the roster.

Following their Game 3 loss to San Francisco's Warriors, Ja Morant was injured in his right knee and suffered a bone fracture. The Grizzlies responded with valiant play, leading the Warriors at Chase Center during Game 4 then thrashing them in Memphis Game 5 where they lead by as much as 55 points. They won by 39.

Brooks responded, “A hundred percent,” to a question about whether Morant's presence throughout the series might have affected Game 4 or 6. “Ja is one the most talented point guards in the league, you guys know that. It would change, but it was what we had.”

Friday's game saw Memphis fight Golden State neck-and–neck up until the final minutes of the game, when the Warriors scored a late scoring spurt to win by 14 points.

Brooks stated that Brooks was motivated, learning, and playing against two great shooters of all time is a good thing. It was an incredible feeling to play against them. It's a big deal for us. We'll take it all the way through the summer, and be ready to go back.

Brooks, who smashed an airborne Warriors guard Gary Payton IIIn the first minutes of Game 2, Brooks, who was en route to the basket in just a few minutes, became an instant bad guy in the Bay Area. Brooks received a flagrant foul 2 on the play. He was ejected from game and suspended for Game 3 in San Francisco. Brooks was cheered enthusiastically by the Chase Center crowd whenever he touched the ball.

Despite Brooks and Warriors being chipper throughout Game 6, Brooks was still able to guard. Klay ThompsonBrooks and his Grizzlies teammates shook their heads at each other, and congratulated Brooks on the victory of the Warriors after the final buzzer. Warriors guard Stephen CurryThe Grizzlies were praised for their young talent and ability to compete in the coming seasons.

Curry stated, “I have a lot respect for each and every one of the guys on the team in terms how they are built as groups, the individual talents.” They are full of energy and have the potential to win at the highest levels. They were the higher seed because of that. They had an incredible regular season and were dominant throughout those 82 games. We were able to win the series, which is a sign of respect. They made us better. I think we made them even better.

Curry and Morant have formed a mutual admiration group over the course the series. Curry was proud of Morant's maturity after Game 1 in Memphis. Morant posted that the Warriors were “his favorite matchup” after the game. Morant said that he was looking forward to “more battles 30”, referring to Curry's jersey number.

Curry declared, “His numbers seem crazy.” The sky's the limit. As I said, they will be around for a while, fighting for Western Conference dominance. We'll have fun and work towards our goal, but we must also understand that they will be there for the long-term and that he is a problem. It was an incredible match-up. I loved all of the antics, pettiness, and high-level basketball.

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