Doc Rivers, Philadelphia 76ers coach, ‘not upset’ by Joel Embiid’s departure in the late vs. Toronto Raptors game

Philadelphia 76ersDoc Rivers, the coach, stated after Saturday's practice that he hadn't second thought about it. Joel EmbiidHe was playing when he suffered a right-side facial fracture and mild concussion after an elbow incident. Toronto RaptorsForward Pascal SiakamWith 3:58 remaining in Philadelphia's blowout victory in Game 6 of the first round series,

Rivers said to reporters, “Everyone was there, and the opposing team had all their men in, too.”

“After Joel took the shot, he did the plane.” [the prior possession]If you were to watch the game, you will see that I said, “I'm calling for a timeout on your next possession.” I was not offended that he was in. It doesn't have to be a big deal. You can make that a big deal if you want. But, just look at each team and every game. Their guys are in the game until around the 4:3 minute mark. It is that simple.

Rivers challenged the original call for Embiid for a defensive violation on the play. The play was eventually overturned. After sustaining a facial fracture and minor concussion on the play, Embiid remained on the bench throughout the remainder of the match. The team announced that he would be out indefinitely on Friday evening.

Philadelphia now heads into the Eastern Conference semifinal series. Miami HeatUncertain when the team will bring its star center back to the court, or if they will in the series.

Rivers stated that they aren't going to be shy about playing different players, when Rivers spoke to reporters about how the 76ers plan to replace Embiid. Rivers said, “I know you guys love to talk about those three minutes, and whoever is announced in the lineup, it doesn’t matter to me.” We're concerned about the last six minute . That will be the key to our success in this series.

Second-year big man Paul ReedEmbiid was a sparing player in the regular season. However, Embiid impressed with his understudy in Toronto. Veterans DeAndre JordanAnd Paul MillsapRivers also suggested that they could be able to see the time. Charles BasseyThe Miami team boasting its own star center could get time against a player like Corey, who played a total 168 minutes during the season. Bam Adebayo.

Rivers stated, “We may need all four men, even if it is to burn minutes.” Miami is unique in that they are smart, and if nothing else, they're brilliant. They are foul magnets. This is a problem for us. They shoot well on free throws, so we don’t want to play the whole series with the penalty. No. 2. Getting some of our guys into foul trouble.

“Bam does a fantastic job of that, Jimmy ButlerWithout Joel, she may be the best at it. Kyle LowryIt is possible. You just need to plan your bigs with great intelligence.

Embiid's absence will not be made up by any amount of planning. Embiid was a finalist in the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award for a second consecutive year. He has been the center around which the 76ers have built a team on both ends of the court. Philadelphia has several scoring options, but Philadelphia can also turn to them for other types of scoring. James Harden, Tyrese MaxeyAnd Tobias HarrisIt is trying to compensate for some of Embiid’s huge production at that end, but it doesn’t have any answers as to how to make up his loss in rebounding and defense.

Harris said, “Tough news, but we just want him to get healthier and better. And whenever that is, it'll be ready.” “But at end of day, it's just a next man-up mentality and being locked in to the game plan.

“We just need to figure this out. This has been a resilient team all year. Nothing has changed. We will prepare the same and wait for the big fella to get what he needs.

In 2018, Embiid required immediate surgery after sustaining a left-face fracture and concussion from a collision with a teammate. Markelle FultzHe missed three weeks of Philadelphia's playoff games, which included the first two against Philadelphia. Ironically, the Miami Heat was also missing.

This time, the team has yet not said if surgery will need to be performed, which suggests that Embiid's return timeline will be faster. The 76ers will have to make it through at least part this series without him, despite the fact that games are played every other day beginning Monday in Miami.

Rivers stated that “we need him back at one point, but don't know when” and added, Rivers stated, “This is the reason we pay everyone, and this team also has a great belief. This is just one more test for us after we've dealt with a lot this year.

We are not going anywhere, that is what I can promise you. When we arrive in Miami, this team will be there.

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