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MIAMI — Mike McDaniel, a pilot flying 30,000 feet above continental United States at the time of his first conversation on February 7, had his first conversation with him Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua TagovailoaFace-to face in the most modern way possible – on FaceTime

McDaniel, the Dolphins' new coach, was on his way to South Florida for the second consecutive time in five days. McDaniel spent the five-hour flight using a cellphone that he claims is still inundated by congratulatory messages.

“One thing I know is that you are ambitious and have the potential to become great. McDaniel stated that McDaniel's job is to coach and inspire you to be great. “I want you to look back on this day and say, ‘Damn! That was the best day of my career too.'

You can find evidence supporting Tagovailoa's 2021 season, regardless of your opinion.

Optimists view the NFL's seventh most efficient passer (67.8% completion rate), who not only commanded the offense with more confidence than he did as an rookie, but also played behind the league’s worst pass-blocking defensive line without a run game to back him. Skeptics see an injured quarterback who missed most of five games and half of six because of injuries. His high passing numbers are due to conservative decision-making and playcalling (6.92 yards per attempt, 28th NFL).

While his second NFL season was plagued by injuries and trade rumors during the season, the Dolphins remain committed to Tagovailoa in 2022. McDaniel said McDaniel's skills are perfect for the offense he will run.

McDaniel said that McDaniel has “seemed a skill set I'm familiar, that's very success in this offense.” “You can see a very accurate passer, that receivers love to catch footballs off — tight spirals with accurate throws which are great for running after the catch and YAC yardage. This means that a team can have receivers who can run after the catch.

“I also see great athleticism, natural pocket movement, and a tough competitor that is willing to do whatever it takes.” All these are important components in the game of a quarterback.

Tagovailoa's accuracy is a well-known fact.

“He's going be able to throw a very catchable football and he will make it easy to his receivers,” close end Mike GesickiDuring the season. “I love playing alongside him, and a lot more guys are making play because of where he places the ball.”

Gesicki is an unrestricted, free agent this offseason. If Tagovailoa resigns with Miami, he would likely be a beneficiary. Wide receiver is McDaniel's primary target as he installs his offense. Jaylen WaddleWith 104 receptions last season, he set an NFL record for rookie receptions. Waddle was a major threat at Alabama and McDaniel hinted not so subtly that he plans to pick the 2021 first rounder in 2022.

McDaniel may not yet know what McDaniel's offense might look like. We know that he will play the plays and has plans to work with. new offensive coordinator Frank SmithWes Welker, an offensive assistant, is the coach of wide receivers.

Given his experience as an offensive coordinator, play designer and run game coordinator for the 49ers, it is safe to assume that Miami will be focusing on its rush attack. However, there are risks in thinking so. McDaniel told us that the Dolphins offense will be tailored for the players they have.

It's not the other way around.

It is a philosophy that he shared with his future NFL head coaches Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur during their years in Washington. The 2012 team drafted Robert Griffin III as quarterback. They implemented a scheme that was heavily based on zone-read concepts. None of the other coaches had ever been exposed to this type of coaching before 2012. McDaniel explained that the lesson he learned during his “formative year” as a coach taught McDaniel the importance of being adaptable by “any means required.”

McDaniel stated that everything is tailored to our players' skill sets, and it looks different. He was referring to the offenses McVay Shanahan, LaFleur, and McVay now run. “It's one of the best parts of our jobs, but it's also very common because we went through that in a very difficult way during our formative years. It's very fun because you don’t have to limit yourself. You don’t know where it’s going. However, you get to work with players, learning their preferences and adapting on the spot.

“It is one of my favourite parts of the process.”

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