Dwayne haskins said to his wife he was going to get gas, 911 audio reveals.

PITTSBURGH — Dwayne's wife told a 911 dispatcher that her husband was walking to get gas the morning he was struck by a truck on a Florida highway. The audio was released Wednesday by the Broward County Sheriff's office.

Kalabrya haskins reported to 911 dispatcher that her husband called early April 9 to inform her that he was leaving his vehicle to get gas. She also said that he would call her when he returns to the car. She called 911 to request dispatcher check on her husband after she didn't hear from him.

Haskins was in Florida to train with Haskins Pittsburgh SteelersA dump truck struck and killed one of his colleagues on Interstate 595, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, near the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The dispatcher informed Haskins' wife, Haskins, that there was an accident report near the place where her husband was seen getting out of his car. However, she could not confirm whether he was involved. Wednesday's audio included calls from witnesses who reported seeing the dump truck strike a man.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Haskins was 24 years old and was walking westbound on I-595. He then entered the travel lanes and was in the path of the dumptruck, which was moving in the middle lane. Haskins was struck by the front left dump truck.

Based on the findings of the investigator, the report found that Haskins was in violation of traffic laws. However, the driver of the dumptruck wasn't found guilty of any contributing actions to the accident. According to the report, Haskins also was struck by another car that was travelling beside the dumptruck. Although it attempted to avoid Haskins, the second car partially hit him under its right thigh.

According to one witness, a third vehicle could have been involved. Captain Rod Watkins from the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department declared Haskins deceased on the spot at 6 :48 a.m.

An investigation is ongoing into the accident.

Friday, November 11th at Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh will host the first of three memorial services. A service will be held Saturday at noon at Christ Church, Rockaway Township, New Jersey and Sunday at Bullis School, Potomac, Maryland.

Kalabrya haskins, a woman who spoke out earlier this week, said that her husband was more than just a great football player. He had the smile of the rainbow and touched so many people. He will be remembered forever and will remain in our hearts until the end.

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