According to toxicology reports Dwayne Hashes was legally drunk when he died.

Dwayne Hashes was legally drunk when hit by a truck on I-595, Florida. According to a toxicology report released Monday by the Broward county Medical Examiner, he was killed April 9.

The toxicology report states that two samples from Haskins' body contained alcohol levels of.20 &.24. Both are higher than the Florida legal limit of.08. According to the report, Haskins was also positive for ketamine (and norketamine), drugs that are commonly used as anesthetics by doctors but can also be used recreationally.

The Medical Examiner determined that Haskins died from multiple blunt force injury and that his death was accidental.

According to the report of the Medical Examiner, Haskins' car was discovered on the side-of-the highway by a female companion. She told the Florida Highway Patrol that Haskins left the vehicle in an attempt to get gas. According to the report, Haskins' relationship with the woman was not known.

According to 911 audio that was released in April, Haskins’ wife stated to a 911 dispatcher that Haskins was walking to get gas the morning he died. Kalabrya Hakins informed the 911 dispatcher her husband called her in April and said he was going to get gas. He would call her back once he got back to his car. She called 911 to request that the dispatcher check on her husband after she didn't hear from him.

Haskins was 24, and was visiting Florida that weekend to meet Steelers teammates. According to the investigation report, Haskins, 24, was in Florida to train with Steelers teammates.

According to the report, “They consumed a lot of alcohol and got into a fight at one point, which led to them seperating.”

The Florida Highway Patrol released a final crash report in April. It stated that Haskins was walking along the westbound side I-595 and when he entered into traffic lanes and was in the path the dump truck which was travelling in the middle lane. Haskins was struck by the front left dump truck.

According to the report, Haskins was found to be in an unsafe place on the road. The driver of the dump truck was not found to have contributed to the accident. According to the report, Haskins also was struck by another car that was travelling beside the dumptruck. Although it attempted to avoid Haskins, the second vehicle partially hit him under its right tyre.

Brooke Pryor from ESPN contributed to this report.

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