Dwyane and Patrick Beverley among the stars of live sports

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While there aren’t many situations where you can be present of Grammy-award winners, celebrity chefs or Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, you can enjoy more than your fair share of watching from the sidelines of big sporting events.

It is clear: We're talking about Adele, Guy Fieri and Russell Wilson This trio was one of the many famous fans who were recently seen on the sidelines.

Multiple leagues attract spectators from different social circles, whether it's to watch postseason games in the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs, or early-season action with the MLB and WNBA.

This trend was evident this week, with familiar faces showing up and out.

New York Liberty vs. Minnesota Lynx

Patrick Beverley Nathan Knight The Minnesota Timberwolves Supported their Target Center neighbors by showing up.

Los Angeles Sparks vs. Las Vegas Aces

Dwyane Wade sat on the baseline in Las Vegas during the WNBA Commissioner's Cup matchup.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals

Washington Mystics center Elizabeth Williams A pleasant evening spent at the ballpark.

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