Eli Manning describes his personal style as “the boring look”

Are clothes the only thing that makes a man, as Erasmus and Mark Twain famously stated? Does that mean Eli Manning, two-time Super Bowl winner, is it? New York Giants QB, boring?

Maurice Kamara runs The People Gallery on Instagram and TikTok. It stops people in New York to ask them questions about their fashion choices. GQ reports that Kamara works as a salesperson in a boutique luxury store in Manhattan's Soho district. He probably has a knack for finding the right fit.

He said, “Sometimes celebrities get a pass.” told GQ in 2022. “But mainly, I just try and find the dopest matches.”

Kamara has more than 500,000 combined Instagram and TikTok followers. He is a celebrity fan of Bella Hadid and A$AP Rocky.

Return to Manning. Recently, Manning was asked about his style.

This is the boring look. Manning said that this is the “dad look”.

Also known by the zip-up vest with casual sneakers and the golf shirt. Maybe that's haute couture, or just the best fit for boring dads.

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