JR Smith, an ex-NBAer and college golfer, was named North Carolina A&T’s Academic Athlete Award winner

Why bother with 3s when you can score an 4.0? A 16-year NBA veteran will be retiring in the fall 2021. JR Smith enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University and joined the golf team as a walk-on. Two-time NBA champion, he is earning praises in the classroom in his second semester of HBCU.

On Monday, the 36 year-old — who was originally supposed to play basketball at the age of 36 — will be playing. North CarolinaBefore jumping from St. Benedict's Prep, Newark, New Jersey to the NBA draft, he was named the Aggies' Academic All-Star of the Year.

A week later, the news is out apparel brand Lululemon signed Smith to be its golf ambassadorThrough a name, image, and likeness agreement. Lululemon's first brand ambassador deal for male golfers was signed by JR Swish, a hoops legend.

In January Smith signed with Excel Sports Management for NIL representation. Smith's agent Lance Young told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski at the time that there was high interest among golf equipment and apparel manufacturers to sponsor the incredibly popular (6.2 million followers) college athlete.

Smith shared his first revelation that he excelled at school at the beginning of the fall semester. Smith posted on social media that he had reached his goal of achieving a 4.0 GPA.

Smith was clearly feeling emotional in a video posted that same day. He said that he couldn't describe the feeling. That s —.” took a lot of work.

Smith — won titles with LeBron JamesIn 2016, as a member Cleveland CavaliersAnd in 2020 with the Los Angeles LakersCredited conversation with Basketball Hall of Famer Ray Allen as the catalyst for his decisionTo be eligible to play, you can petition the NCAA

Jesus Shuttlesworth beams from somewhere out there.

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