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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Notes and quick thoughts around FOXBOROUGH, Mass. New England PatriotsNFL:

1. Patricia's fit:Bill Belichick's plan to shape his offensive coach staff following the departure of Josh McDaniels was dominated by Josh McDaniels, who died last week. hiring of Joe Judge.

Matt Patricia, senior football advisor, could be a second domino?

Many, if not all, are unaware of Belichick's thoughts. In conversations with NFL personnel, Patricia has been mentioned as a possibility to join the offensive staff.

The Patriots will retain their core defensive team, but they are losing the elite institutional brainpower/knowledge for offense without McDaniels, so Belichick may consider Patricia and Judge his best options to lead the offensive transition.

Although Judge and Patricia are not well-respected by the public after their time as head coaches for the Lions and Giants, Belichick has documented his respect for their coaching skills as assistants, their fit into the Patriots' culture, and his trust in them.

This approach, should Belichick eventually move in that direction, comes with risks.

Patricia's most extended time on offense was in 2004-05, when he was an offensive assistant/assistant coach in New England. And Judge has just one year as an offensive assistant on his résumé, in 2019 as Patriots wide receivers coach. Neither of them has ever called offensive plays for the NFL.

Meanwhile, quarterback Mac JonesEnters his second season. Belichick frequently cites it as the year in which all players make the greatest leaps.

Belichick won't rush to make decisions or assign job titles earlier than he has to. It is important to provide more information on Patricia's 2022 role, as the coaches will be returning to the office in a few weeks. McDaniels is also leaving the Patriots, as well as McLombardi and Carmen Bricillo, receivers coach, and Bo Hardegree, quality control/quarterbacks coaches, respectively — not to mention Ivan Fears, running backs coach.

Patricia returned to team last year. His office was with personnel staff. His work covered everything, from contracts to football X and O's. He could be kept there to help with the transition following the departure of Dave Ziegler as director of player personnel.

A move to a more coaching role on offense would be a good thing, especially since there are many other offensive coaches leaving.

2. Combination Wolf-GrohBelichick was not present at the Senior Bowl last Wednesday, and I understand that Eliot Wolf, national scout Matt Groh and scouting consultant Eliot Wolf led the Patriots contingent. They also included a group younger scouts. Belichick will have to make decisions about how the personnel department will be structured following Ziegler's departure. The initial steps of the Senior Bowl saw the Wolf-Groh team leading the way.

3. Troy's time:Troy Brown will be promoted from assistant receivers coach and then to full-time position. Lombardi was responsible for the red zone plans. Brown, who is an ideal candidate to be the next coordinator of the NFL's minority recruiting program, is in high demand. His assistant Billy Yates could be the next offensive line coach for the Patriots. Yates is close to Patricia, having worked under him in Detroit. This could make it possible for Patricia to take on an offensive coaching role in 2022.

4. Mayo's take:Jerod Mayo, Patriots Inside Linebackers Coach, was thoughtful in his media rounds at Super Bowl. NFL's minority hiringHis affinity for coaching in New England. He also mentioned that the Patriots defense was third in the NFL for fewest points allowed and seventh for yards allowed. These facts are important, but context is equally important. How did this defense look in the season finale against Dolphins and two against the highly-powered Bills. The overall rankings are not to be denied, but the bigger focus should be on the reasons why the unit fell at the end.

5. The coaching payrollPatricia signed a five year contract when he was appointed head coach of the Lions. Judge signed a five year contract when he was appointed head coach of the Giants in 2020. It reduces the stress on New England's coaching staff by having both of the Patriots' coaches back on their team and still receiving paychecks from their head coach deals. It is not Belichick's primary motivation but it is something I consider an added benefit. Belichick, in a sense, seeks value on the market for free-agents just like he does with his staff.

6. Mac's Pro Bowl personalityJones was the one who had more fun at Sunday's Pro Bowl. This is what you will see after watching it. entertaining miked-up segmentIt's a decisive win. Although the game itself isn’t essential to watch, Jones and his Patriots teammates could see the impact it has on them. enjoy the experience.

7. Draft thoughtsAlthough there are still many steps to take before the NFL draft takes place on April 28-30th, it is worth taking the time to learn more about potential candidates who may be able to play for the Patriots at Number. 21. It was fascinating to look at the potential options for receiver. How does Alabama's pass-catcher Jameson Williams' torn anterior cruciate ligament affect his stock? Does it create a situation where he could slip and the Patriots possibly pull off their own version of Joe BurrowJa'Marr ChaseJones-Williams and Jones-Williams – two college friends reunited as first-round picks back-to-back year.

8. Super prediction: Rams 31, Bengals 23.The Rams are able to win this game, just like last year when it was clear that the Buccaneers would prevail due to the Chiefs' offensive line deficiencies. Turning it closer to home, the Patriots' offensive lines provide a solid foundation upon which to build. I see the resigning of the center/guard as a win for the Rams. Ted KarrasAs a high priority, but sneaky.

9. Age-old story:Zac Taylor (38) and Sean McVay (66) are combined 74-year-olds, making the Bengals/Rams Super Bowl the youngest head coach matchup since the 1936 NFL championship. New England has a different view. Belichick, who turns 70 in April, will enter his 23rd season in New England as head coach. This is the Patriots' longest tenure as head coach and sets the stage for what they hope to be a common theme in 2022: that older, wiser coaches produce championships.

10a. Part 1: Did You know?Los Angeles has had the lowest scoring season in McVay’s five seasons as head coaching (90 games) with the Patriots holding the Rams down to three points in Super Bowl LIII.

10b. 10b.The Rams (one), and Bengals (0) have only one combined Super Bowl victory. This marks the first time that Super Bowl participants have entered the game with either one or none combined titles since the Patriots faced them in XXXVIII.

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