Fan holds baby while making an amazing catch during Washington Nationals-New York Mets match

NEW YORK — Alan Alcantara, a Dominican Republic native, played a lot in baseball as a child. Sometimes, he did not have a glove.

When the MetsStarling Marte Alcantara scored a homerun at Citi Field Tuesday night. He was holding Levi, his 1-year old son. Alcantara was able to use his free hand and that was all he needed.

Alcantara, 31, reached over the railing to catch the first-inning homer from center field. He was holding little Levi in his left arm while cradling his other arm.

Alcantara said that “I knew that I wasn't going to be able to put the baby down,” The Associated Press reported. “So I just held on to him and jumped on the rail to see if I could catch it. We did.

Alcantara's catch was captured by SNY. Gary Cohen, a stunned play-by–play man, asked: “Did it catch that?” And declared, “This man will become viral.”

A coworker of Alcantara's sent them a screengrab shortly after the catch. As part of an organized church group they were at Washington's game against the Mets. Other members who were watching from home saw the catch and reached out to them quickly.

“As soon the bat came off, I knew that it was heading my way,” he stated. It was simply a matter if it would land where it did. It was a quick response.”

Alcantara is a Ridgewood resident who lived in Queens for 17+ years. He said that he'd never been to a big league home-run or foul ball before.

What is the barehanded grab?

He said, “Instinct.” “In Dominican Republic, not all people get gloves. We play baseball barehanded so I thought it was possible. As a kid, I've done it many times. So why not?

Alcantara described the catch two innings later. Levi took the ball from his dad's hand, smiled, and held it close to his chest.

“His face was like, what are you doing?” Alcantara recalled. “And then, my 2-year old, which was right beside us, was super afraid because he probably never saw his dad screaming or acting the same way as I was acting.”

Alcantara is expecting his third son with his wife, but he will not be able keep the souvenir. Alcantara, a Mets fan diehard, is giving it to the pastor.

He said, pointing at his fellow church members, “I know they’re going to hear it on Sunday.” “They're going talk about it for certain.”

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