Fans at packed Deer District are seen stumbling through the streets as they try to make it to the end of Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks game 6.

MILWAUKEE — Three people were killed near Deer District, outside Fiserv Forum, near the end of Friday's Game 6 between them. Milwaukee BucksThe Boston CelticsFans were seen scampering along the streets.

According to Milwaukee Fire Department, one man and one lady were taken to the hospital by firefighters Friday night. A third person was also transported. The injuries are not life-threatening for all three.

According to police, a man aged 29 was taken into custody

Barry Baum, Milwaukee Bucks Chief Communications Officer, stated that the incident occurred outside of Deer District. He made this statement to ESPN. We direct all questions towards the Milwaukee Police Department.

Bucks fans began to gather in Deer District after the team won the NBA championship. However, with the opportunity to beat the Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinal series, the possibility to win was presented to them. On Friday, the tradition was revived. The team had even set up metal detectors around the bars and entry to the arena.

The Bucks announced prior to the game that Deer District had officially reached 11,000 persons capacity as set for the watch parties before Game 6.

Witnesses outside the arena reported hearing gunshots just over a minute into the fourth quarter of Boston’s 108-95 win. This sent many people running in different directions and sending them into a frenzy.

Hours after the end of the game, there was a large police presence outside the arena. There were also police tapes at several intersections. The investigation continues.

This report was based on information from The Associated Press.

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