Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Beginners

When it comes to fantasy football? You don't have to worry – we have everything covered! Our PPR cheatsheet for beginners contains more players than you need to cover a 10-team 16-round draft. We also sort them in an easy-to understand, round by round format. The information is the same as our deeper cheatsheets, but it's simplified for your convenience.

Cross off the players as your draft progresses. Then, choose the best-remaining player. You should keep track of the number of players at each position. However, you want to end a 16-round draft having 1-2 QBs. 4-6 RBs. 5-7 WRs. 1-2 TEs. Only one kicker.

The cheat sheet's right side allows you to keep track of all your picks. While you shouldn't fret about bye week, try to limit the number of players in the same position who have the same week off. The general strategy is to focus on RB and WR during the early rounds. Don't be afraid of waiting at QB as it is so deep. The final two picks should go to kicker and D/ST. This Cheat Sheet will continue to be updated throughout the offseason. You are welcome!

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