Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

It's that simple.

This is the last week of NHL regular season. The final week of the NHL regular-season will most likely decide your fantasy fate. Let's get into it.

Fantasy Forecaster: April 25 – May 1

As teams begin to secure their playoff seeding, there will be plenty of shenanigans next week. First, some teams may only have two games remaining. This gives them the chance to rest their assets and possibly qualify for the playoffs. If the Toronto Maple LeafsYou can win both your games and the tournament this weekend Tampa Bay LightningIf the Leafs lose one of their games, they are guaranteed to be in the playoffs regardless of what happens next week. What does that mean? Auston MatthewsKeeps resting his injury. Does Jack CampbellWhy not try both?

As all the details of the playoff picture become more complex, it's hard to make adjustments for each scenario. If you're trying to gain ground, it's worth noting that comfortable teams are more secure than hungry ones. There could be active jostling in the Western Conference right up to next Friday.

The Anaheim Ducks, Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, St. Louis BluesThe list includes the Toronto Maple Leafs and only two other teams.

Notes to the Team

Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

Seattle Kraken: There are some hints that the Matty Beniers, Ryan DonatoAnd Jordan EberleTop line: They're getting lucky after four games (Corsi percentage at 38 percent, they've scored three goals within 44 minutes), but the Kraken still have three games next week. You can count the number of games played if you're looking for some statistics.

Here you will also find many defensive options to suit your lineup. Adam LarssonThe average fantasy point per game (FPPG), has been 2.0 over the past three weeks. Vince Dunn2.1 FPPG in the last two weeks

Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

Vegas Golden Knights: I don't know how to interpret this mess at the Knights' crease. However, the team will continue to fight tooth and nail to get back in the playoff picture next week. The removing of starters Robin LehnerAfter one period of a tied match, this is precisely the type of shenanigans which won't help fantasy hockey teams down the stretch. This offense will be under tremendous pressure to produce. The Knights face the Blackhawks (Stars), and Blues (Blues) in three games that could all be important. The Knights cannot afford to lose with the Stars and Predators each getting a freebie against the Coyotes next week.

The line combinations are messy and the stars are all falling apart. But, I will have. Jack Eichel, Mark StoneAnd Max PaciorettyThis opportunity is available to me in every lineup. Chandler StephensonAnd Evgenii DadonovThese are the most likely options to be available in your league. However, I am not able to predict which line combination will get used and stick. Stephenson has been a keystay in the power play so I would recommend starting him.

Notes for players

Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

Alex Chiasson, W, Vancouver Canucks: The Canucks could be in the hunt for the postseason, and they should be. Chiasson is on an incredible fantasy tear, beyond the obvious names. After being promoted to a scoring line, Chiasson has been on an absolute fantasy tear. J.T. MillerChiasson was given a power play role and has been racking up the points. In the past three weeks, Chiasson has averaged 3.0 FPPG – almost the exact same mark. Connor McDavidAnd Matthew Tkachuk.

Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

Jordan StaalCarolina Hurricanes, c. Staal seemed to have saved all of his fantasy goodness for those last few weeks. He's averaging a solid 2.8 FPPG in the last three weeks, despite his low season average of 1.4 FPPG (well beyond fantasy consideration). His line with Jesper FastAnd Nino NiederreiterWith 33 goals at 5-on-5, he is a stealthy fifth-best NHL player. ranks him fifth for goals percentage on lines with at least 200 minutes.

Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

Antti RaantaCarolina Hurricanes, G: With Frederik AndersenRaanta looks like he will be available until the postseason. Although the matchup with Rangers could prove to be very dangerous, it should be an exciting one for both teams as they fight for the Metropolitan Division title. The final game against Devils should be a breeze. Raanta, who has won two games with Andersen out of action, should continue to enjoy the benefits of playing for the NHL's best defensive team (lowest Corsi versus).

Final edition of Fantasy Hockey Forecaster

Troy Terry, W, Anaheim Ducks: Terry may not be available to you anymore as his roster ship has risen to 85 percent. However, make sure you check out his linemates. Adam HenriqueIn the last two weeks, has posted 2.1 FPPG Ryan GetzlafIn his final game, he will be hoping to leave with a bang. They are among the top 30 NHL lines in goals per 60 min at five-on-5 (minimum 200). It's too bad the trio didn't find their chemistry earlier in the season.



Terry's second goal gives the Ducks the lead again

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