Paul Maurice, an ex-Jets player and coach for the Florida Panthers, is hired.

Paul Maurice, an ex-Jets player and coach for the Florida Panthers, is hired.

TAMPA — Paul Maurice was hired as the new head coaching coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Florida Panthers, replacing interim coach Andrew BrunetteESPN confirmed the source as a “source”.

Maurice, 55, was elected to the throne. Winnipeg Jets After 29 games this season, he ended a nine-year tenure with the team. He has coached 1,685 NHL regular-season games, which is fourth in NHL history. He also holds the seventh-most wins all-time with 775. He was previously the Jets' coach. Carolina HurricanesHartford Whalers Toronto Maple Leafs.

According to a source, that experience was key in Maurice's hiring in Florida. Although there were other potential coaching candidates, the Panthers decided to hire Maurice after mutual interest. They vetted him on everything, from player management to on-ice tactics.

Joel Quenneville's head coach was replaced by Brunette on October 29, 2021. Quenneville resigned following a report that described how Quenneville had been treated. Chicago Blackhawks Quenneville, then the head coach of the team, mishandled allegations that a player had been sexually abused in 2010.

Brunette was close to being granted a contract extension as he headed into the Stanley Cup playoffs. His leadership led the Panthers to their first Presidents Trophy title as the top league regular-season teams. They were the NHL's top-scoring team from 1995-96. Brunette was the first interim coach since 1995-96. Craig Berube You can find the St. Louis Blues To be nominated for Jack Adams in 2019.

The Panthers eliminated the Washington Capitals The franchise won its first playoff series victory since 1996 in six games. However, the Panthers were defeated by their rivals. Tampa Bay Lightning In the second round, the Panthers scored just three goals. Brunette's coaching choices were questioned and the Panthers had to consider other options.

Brunette is expected to be offered the chance to stay with the company.

Maurice signed an agreement for a multi-year period.

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