Gary Bettman uncertain if NHL will restore Joel Quenneville

Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner, isn't certain if he will be open to restoring Joel Quenneville to the league if the former coach requests it.

“I don't know. That's something I have to discuss with him directly,” Bettman stated to ESPN's Jeremy Schaap Friday's episode.

Quenneville has resigned Florida Panthers After an investigation, it was revealed that the head coach had been fired. Chicago Blackhawks Mishandled allegations that Kyle Beach, a former player, was sexually abused in 2010 by an assistant coach. Quenneville was the coach for that team that won the Stanley Cup in 2010.

After a meeting with Bettman in New York, Bettman stated that all parties had agreed that it was not appropriate for him to continue as Florida's coach.

Quenneville was not officially suspended by the NHL, but Bettman stated that Quenneville would need to meet in advance to discuss any new NHL positions.

Bettman said to Schaap, Quenneville expressed a desire to return to NHL, but not for a specific job.

“He indicated that he would like to play again when the time is right. This is not the right time. Bettman said that we will see what the future holds.”

According to the commissioner, it was evident that Quenneville had “let game down” with his actions.

“A coach, or any coach, has to take responsibility for the people entrusted to him. Bettman shared his thoughts with Schaap about what he has done and what he doesn't need to do.

Quenneville stated that he had “expressed sorrow” about the pain Beach experienced at the time he resigned.

Quenneville, who was speaking at the time to TSN, stated that his former team, Blackhawks failed Kyle. He also claimed that he owns a share of the blame. “I want reflect on all this and to learn how to ensure that hockey spaces are safe for all.”

Quenneville is the second-winningest NHL coach, with 969 wins surpassing Scotty Bowman's 1,244 total. His previous coaching experience includes the St. Louis Blues, Colorado Avalanche, the Blackhawks & the Panthers.

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