Geno Smith vs. Drew Lock TBD?TBD?

RENTON (Wash.) — Seattle SeahawksThe quarterback competition began Monday. They were permitted to start holding on-field drills as part their voluntary offseason training program. The OTAs will begin on May 23, and things will get more real.

A battle that lacks the intrigue of the first-rookie doesn't offer as much intrigue. Russell WilsonIt beat Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jack and others a decade ago. Drew Lock vs. Geno SmithThey are vying for Wilson’s starting spot. The Seahawks may still be able to acquire another player to make it a three-man race. Baker MayfieldThe most obvious candidate is the development prospects Jacob EasonUndrafted free agent Levi LewisThey are currently the only other quarterbacks on their depth charts.

It is a widely-held belief that they must draft a QB1 for this year's draft.

Malik WillisSeattle's No. 9 mock pick. 9 overall. Willis was rejected by the Seahawks four times before he got taken 86th. One source said that Willis wasn't NFL-ready and they didn't consider other quarterbacks enough to pick him with any of their nine choices.

John Schneider, general manager of the Draft, said that it was difficult for rookies after the draft. This explained why he didn't take a quarterback and hinted at how bad this year's QB classes were. It's extremely difficult for rookies to come into here. [compete right away]. Unique, distinctive qualities are essential. It just wasn't right for any reason throughout the draft.

The Seahawks' decision to not take a quarterback in this year's NFL draft was in many ways a repeat of 2011.

They let Matt Hasselbeck, a long-time starter, walk free before signing Jackson to a short-term deal. This made it clear that Jackson was only a bridge option. Long-term uncertainty was present at quarterback, and there were few attractive options in what was deemed a weak draft.

The Seahawks were interested in Andy DaltonBut they passed on him in the second round. Not everyone in their football operations agreed that he was the right answer. They made the right decision, not because of who they chose — tackle James CarpenterBut Seattle was able to draft Wilson one year later, despite not having to force the Dalton pick.

The Seahawks did not consider Willis or any other No. 9 quarterback. 9 as they considered Dalton at No. 25 in 2011, there were coincidental parallels in taking a tackle instead.

The Seahawks were very fortunate. Charles CrossThey were crushed.

The top two pass-rushers are (Travon Walker Aidan Hutchinson), the top two corners (Derek Stingley Jr. And Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner) two of the top three tackles (Ikem Ekwonu and Evan NealCross, who was taken with the eighth pick, was the last player the Seahawks wanted at No. According to a source, 9 They required pass-rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux(whom they didn’t love) and the receiver Drake LondonCross (whom they did not need) to get off the board so that Cross — their second-rated tackle, behind Ekwonu — can still be there

The Seahawks were playing, but the Jets wanted to flip their picks and move up one slot. This was because they were worried about New York's desire to replace Seattle with a team that wanted to move up in Seattle. Garrett Wilson. Cross would have been the Seahawks' choice at 10, but no deal was made so they decided to keep him and take him at 9.

Schneider said, “We're just excited that we have left tackle pillar,”

However, they have to continue to think about the long-term quarterback question.

Some of Luck's problems during his first three seasons as a Seahawk are believed to have been caused by them. Denver BroncosThese were due to some unfortunate circumstances. Smith's rookie year was strong, and his coordinator changed. They feel he's got enough potential to warrant a oneyear look, provided he beats Smith.

They appreciate Smith's command over their system and think they found the best offensive formula when he led the Seahawks in a win against the Dolphins. Jacksonville JaguarsWilson made his final fill-in appearance last season.

Both Smith (13-21) as well as Lock (8-13), have career records that are below.500. There's still hope, however, that either one of them will be able to stick.

Coach Pete Carroll said that Geno Smith was the player who played the most for us and had the most background. Drew is currently in catch-up mode. We'll see him on Monday, so we can get a sense of his game. The potential is amazing. The guy came out was a hit with us. I like him and how we approach things. We are going to support the kid and give him every chance to be the best. He's going to be a great leader and we'll see where it takes him. He has some serious weapons.

” … Drew will attempt to capitalize on the support cast Drew has provided to anyone who wins this competition.

Concerning the Mayfield option, the former Cleveland BrownsStarter and 2018 No. 2018 No. 1 overall pick. There hasn't been any indication that the Seahawks are interested in Mayfield. It would likely require the Browns to eat a large portion of Mayfield's guaranteed $19 million salary in 2022.

Lock makes less than $1.5million on his final year of his rookie contract. Smith's one year contract has a base price of $3.5million and incentives worth $3.5million. However, there is only $500,000 guaranteed. The Seahawks have the flexibility to add another player at the right price, or move on from Smith if Smith doesn't become their starter.

The Seahawks may have some time to assess their options and then consider the Mayfield option after the offseason program, if necessary.

Carroll stated that he was happy to have the men he has, and that he is excited to watch them fight. We'll keep watching what happens,” Carroll said to NFL Network. “You never know what lies down the road. We're always watching.”

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