Giraffe named after Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies’ star sent from Memphis to a Utah zoo

Deals and trades can always be made before the deadline 2022 NBA draft (ESPN, Thursday 8 p.m. ET). They have not yet included zoo animals.

According to Wednesday's NBA news, Ja Raffe was shipped by the Memphis Zoo. He is a male giraffe that has been named after him for over a year. Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja MorantTo the Hogle Zoo Salt Lake City, Utah.

Officials at the Hogle Zoo have confirmed that the giraffe wasn't traded between the two zoos contrary to previous reports. Memphis Zoo will not be receiving an animal back.

“[Ja Raffe] Marilyn Hsiung, from the Hogle Zoo, stated that the offspring was an offspring. Therefore, it is more likely that his parents will continue reproducing.” “And when he reaches breeding age, he may be invited to the Species Survival Program together with Stephanie and Minka, our female giraffes here at Utah Zoo.”

The giraffe was born in November, 2020To honor Morant, who was named NBA Rookie-of-the Year for the 2020 season. Morant was scoring 17.8 points per game that season. He has been a star in the league since then. He averaged 27.4 point per game last season and helped the Grizzlies reach the Western Conference Semifinals.

Morant used Twitter to praise the new star of the zoo when the name was revealed for the giraffe.

Their newest animal was named after a star player from the Western Conference, despite the fact that he is a rival to the hometown. Utah JazzThe Hogle Zoo doesn't plan to change the name for the giraffe.

Hsiung indicated that “I believe we may have some really great opportunities with his surname Ja Raffe, but we can still maintain a strong connection to his name and Ja Morant.”

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