GM states that Kansas City Chiefs are not in a “rebuilding mode” despite losing key players.

KANSAS CITY (Mo. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Kansas City ChiefsTransferred Tyreek HillHe opted not to sign a second time Tyrann Mathieu. A few days before the draft, there were some apparent holes in their roster.

Brett Veach, the Chiefs' general manager, resisted any suggestion that the team is involved in any type of rebuilding effort.

“When you have Pat MahomesVeach stated, “We'll be wired for it every year. “Even though it's possible to make moves and trade very good players, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to. [there won't]Another counterpunch is that which we [won't]Try to be more aggressive in another way. It's enough to be flexible and smart in your choices. Draft resources and ample cap space are what you need to do this.

“Just because we trade away a great player does not mean that we are in rebuilding mode. It simply means that we will find new resources and be aggressive.

After losing Hill and Mathieu and the starting cornerback, The Chiefs have lost Mathieu. Charvarius WardThey will need assistance at wide receiver and in secondary. To improve their pass rush, which was 29th in league last season in sacks, they also need edge rushers.

The Chiefs signed wide receivers JuJu Smith-SchusterAnd Marquez Valdes-ScantlingSafety Justin Reid. However, Hill and two other top receivers were lost last season. Ward was also absent. Ward was also out of the picture. Ward was one of the top defensive backs last season in terms of playing time. Daniel SorensenHowever, the Chiefs could still benefit from your assistance.

They have 12 draft picks (the most in the league), including two in each round.

Veach expressed concern about Hill's replacement. “On the one hand, it's very difficult to replicate a talent such as Tyreek Hill. However, I think that there is a mindset or an idea that forgets how great Andy Reid is. He has won with every type of quarterback and all kinds of offensive schemes.

“Our staff is dynamic. We had Tyreek Hill, and we were able implement a lot of RPO stuff but that doesn't mean you can't rewire your offense and change how you do it when you have a Hall of Fame coach such as Andy. Over the years, there were many ways that we scored points.

“Wouldn't you love to find someone like Tyreek?” But I believe every team would. There are many ways to win games if you don't. Our offense is, I believe, extremely flexible. It's a lot more flexible that people think. We will go out and find great players. That's what we believe in. Although they might not be 4.2 men, if they are good football players, we will put them in a position to make plays and win many games.

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