Golden State Warriors: Andre Iguodala, a Golden State Warriors veteran, is forced to miss at least a week of play due to a neck injury.

SAN FRANCISCO – Golden StateForward Andre IguodalaThe Warriors' Game 5 matchup against the Warriors has been canceled. Denver NuggetsWith a left cervical/disk injuries. He will be back in the clinic for a re-evaluation within one week.

Steve Kerr, Warriors coach said it was a big loss. He's a man who has seen it all and has played in millions of playoff games for us. It's a huge loss because he knows what's happening and can be used in many ways…

Iguodala was unable to play against Denver because of neck spasms. While this injury is also in his neck it is not the exact same thing. The team believes that both neck injuries were caused by the back injury that kept him out for seven weeks. He missed eight games before that due to a hip injury. He only played 31 of the regular-season games.

The Warriors were cautious with Iguodala in the regular season to make sure he was available for the playoffs. This provided stability for the younger players and less experienced ones in the rotation.

Iguodala's inability to play could cause the Warriors more to rely on rookies Jonathan KumingaIn the second quarter, he scored nine points while playing rotational minutes for Game 4. Kerr didn't say how much he would play Kuminga in Game 5 but stated that Kuminga had a role in the first round series.

Kerr doubled down ahead of Game 5 but also stated that they would investigate the possibility of shrinking their rotating roster.

Kerr stated, “It all depends on how the game goes.” “We need to feel everything.

“One of the things that we talked about before the playoffs started was the fact that we didn’t have all our groups during the regular seasons so we didn’t test lineups. We knew we would have to mix-and-match, and I believe that will be true now. “We have to feel each match and decide what we need. We must follow our gut.”

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