Golden State Warriors reveal new NFT collection

One year after being the first professional team to perform an NFT drop Golden State WarriorsWe are dropping another: The first responsive NFT collection. This will be driven by team's success in NBA playoffs.

The NFT will unlock new utility and benefits each time the Warriors win the 2022 playoff series.

“We believe that NFTs can be an incredible way for us to engage our global fanbase,” Brandon Schneider, Warriors President and COO, told ESPN. When you think of the fan experience, many people think of Chase Center. However, 99% of Chase's fans won't ever go to a Chase game. It is crucial to have digital channels for fans to engage.

The Warriors were the very first to launch an NBA team last year. NFT collectionThe stubs were variations of the six championship rings as well as commemorative ticket stubs. With $871, they set the single-item sports NFT records. They sold 327 NFTs totalling more than $2,000,000

“We wanted something new and innovative to bring back. Schneider stated, “We wanted to create an NFT option that allows our fans to win just like our basketball team wins.”

The collection consists of 3,000 NFTs and 12 designs. They will be randomly assigned to each user when they are minted using FTX US's blockchain. Users will receive benefits based on how rare the NFT is.

You will get a ride on the Warriors championship float, playoff tickets and autographed memorabilia.

The greatest benefit of the collection is the special edition Gold Bar All Access Pass. This can only be bought directly through the auction. The NFT will be won by the Gold Bar All-Access Pass winner. They will also receive a physical version (made of real gold) and two tickets for all Warriors home games during the playoffs.

Schneider explained that Schneider and his team spent a lot of time trying out different ways to accomplish this unique thing. It was a joint effort with Golden State's marketing and NFT staff members. Medium Rare also helped to launch the Warriors first NFT collection. FTX is the Warriors' cryptocurrency marketplace and platform.

The Warriors partnered with FTX because it allows users to buy NFTs using a credit card, not crypto. This could help ease the entry of new users to the market.

“We are still very early on this journey. Some people have been on before. [cryptocurrency]Take a moment. [The Warriors]will draw more attention [NFTs]Schneider said. Schneider stated, “We will have more people who don't know much about NFTs but are interested in getting involved.”

Friday, February 22, 2022: The Warriors' 2022 Playoff TFT Collection will begin minting at 10 a.m. PST. The Warriors Community Foundation will receive part of the profits. It works to support education and youth development within the Bay Area.

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