Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors don ‘End Gun Violence’ shirts before Game 2

SAN FRANCISCO — Players and coaches from the Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics Before Game 2, the NBA Finals, they wore orange shirts that had the message “End Gun Violence” on the front.

The shirts were worn by Ime Udoka, Celtics coach, and Steve Kerr, Warriors coach. Kerr addressed a pregame conference in Dallas before Game 4 of Western Conference finals. He made an emotional plea for gun laws reform after two teachers and 19 children were killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde on May 24.

Kerr stated that the league feels it was time for people to pay attention. To participate in what should be an all-national effort to reduce gun violence. There are many ways to reduce it. There are many proven laws out there that can be passed.

“We can do things that will not violate Second Amendment rights but save lives. The purpose of wearing shirts for both sides is to let people know that they can help with gun safety and violence prevention.

On the back of the shirts is a message that reads, “LEARN MORE” along with the social media handles from organizations working to end gun violence and support legislation like “@bradybuzz,””@everytown,””@giffordscourage,””@livefreeusa,” and “@marchforourlives”.

Gregg Popovich, San Antonio's head coach, spoke at Stand with Uvalde on Saturday in San Antonio. He criticized government officials for failing to end gun violence.

Popovich asked, “How many would it take?” Popovich asked. Popovich asked: “A massacre every month?” Two massacres per week? Fifteen kids? Twenty-four kids? Where [a shooter will] Do you want to kill 74? Maybe then you'll do something. Get up! Get involved! They are our friends. Most of us want them do something about gun laws. But they don't. This is because they care more about money, their power, and their position than our children.

Kerr appealed to people to vote to change gun laws.

Kerr, whose father Malcolm was gunned down and killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut on the president American University, stated that voting is the biggest thing. “I understand that there are a lot more congressional races than you might think. Despite the fact that most Americans want gun safety measures to be in place, many of those races are won by people who don't support any gun safety measures. Voting is now open to all. If you care about saving lives, or perhaps someone in your family, vote.

“That's the only method to persuade the people that we can help to make gun safety regulations preventable laws.

Udoka was also vocal against gun violence during Eastern Conference finals.

Udoka explained that the game involves winning. Although you may be devastated at the time, it is not death and life. You can keep going. It's about the things that are still happening in our communities. We can go about our daily lives and businesses as normal, even though they are in great distress. Keep those thoughts in your mind, because those people are suffering.

“It continues. We all need to raise awareness and make changes so that everyone is on the same page.

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