Golden State Warriors offer a’scary’ look at their new ‘death line-up in Game 1 win

SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State WarriorsThey have a long history with small-ball lineups. Their small lineup was so deadly that it was nicknamed the “death lineup” during the first championship run of the dynastic era.

Although it has been through many different versions over the years, the Warriors now appear to have the latest version.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, Draymond Green Andrew WigginsThey lasted just five minutes in Game 1 against the opponent. Denver NuggetsBut they beat the Nuggets 14 points in those five minutes. It was these five minutes that changed the momentum in favor of the Warriors heading into Saturday night's 123-107 victory.

Thompson stated, “It's scary when we get going.” “This is only our first time together.”

For the past three seasons, Poole has been asking his veterans teammates questions about playoffs. He wanted to be ready for the moment when he was allowed to perform on NBA's largest stage. Kerr says it wasn't just his questions that prepared Kerr for the third-year point guard. He got a taste of the pressure that he would face this season during their play-in games last.

Kerr stated, “He doesn't fear the moment.” Kerr said, “He looks forward to it.”

Curry mentioned a play that took place with just three minutes left in first half. Poole entered transition and cut through the key to make a layup.

Curry said, “He doesn’t have confidence.” It was in that play. Because you have to be creative and confident in your ability to make it happen. You shouldn't second-guess your abilities. You just live with the results. We've done this for years, and now he's doing it again. It's a lot of fun.

Poole finished the night scoring 30 points. This was a record for Poole, who shot 9-of-13 shots, including 5-of-7 three-pointers. Only one player in Warriors' history has scored more playoff points — Wilt Chamberlain (35 points).

Michael Malone, the Nuggets' coach, said that Poole's stats against Denver were “just off the charts” and that he would not be checking them during the regular season. Poole's average scoring stats in the three games against the Nuggets were 22.7 points, 58% field goal shooting and 61% shooting.

Curry claimed that Poole’s play of late — he’s made a league record 78 three pointers since March — is the reason why he's more comfortable slowly easing back into his own play.

Curry's first game since March 16 was Saturday. He was also on the bench for the first game since March 16th, which was also a playoff match.

Curry made the decision not to play. Curry said that it was his experience watching Thompson recover from his injuries, and how the Warriors allowed Thompson to rest for 45 minutes before returning to the court, that gave Curry an insight into managing his minutes restriction. The Warriors were able to be as flexible as they needed within his minute restrictions.

Curry played 22 minutes and finished with 16 points. He shot 5-of-13 from 3-point range, including 3-of-6 on 3-point range.

Thompson stated that Thompson thought Thompson looked “great”. Thompson said that while his shot was a bit short in the first part, it is to be expected after a long layoff. He's Steph Curry. His gravity and the threat that he might be out there are the best. This makes us a champion team.”

Thompson stated Curry's most significant impact on the game came from his presence on and off the court. It forced the Nuggets into a decision about whether to keep Curry in single coverage. That could have caused him to catch on fire. Or, they could give multiple defenders his direction, leaving another shooter open.

Thompson stated that it was difficult to protect us. “Technically we are undersized,” Thompson stated. But, it is important to have a strong defensive force and focus and energy.

Curry: “Seeing.” [Poole]You will be able to play in the pick-and roll with Klay spaced and Draymond setting. Wiggs splashing. This ticks a lot of boxes, like what would make a potent offense.

Curry's three-guard line with Poole and Thompson made it clear how much space Curry was creating. Thompson finished with 19 points after shooting 7 of 15 shots, including five 3 pointers.

Green brought together the “death roster 3.0”, as it has since the 2014-15 seasons.

Green did not participate in any of four matchups against Denver in regular season, and Malone mentioned that as one reason why the Nuggets went 3-2 in the series.

Green was Green's primary defender and the Nuggets shot only 5-of-19 shots from the floor. Nikola JokicThe Warriors were 3-of-12. On offense, the Warriors went 3-of-12.

Kerr stated that Draymond is tough and smart and that he has both.

Poole stated, “He took it to the next level.” His leadership is what makes us thrive. Being able see the head honcho be aggressive, make big plays against the MVP and go out there to feed that energy is what fuels us. He is able to be the force he is back there and he manages our offense well.

Only five minutes were allowed for the Warriors to see their potential closing lineup. Golden State finally got to see the lineup it had been referring to since Curry's March death. This is a playbook they have had for more than ten years.

It has witnessed players move out, such as Harrison Barnes Kevin DurantHowever, at the end it will be a key factor for the Warriors in the playoffs.

You want a new name for it?

Curry responded, “No!” Curry stated, “See, it is hard to keep doing this over and over again. We all have to do hard stuff.”

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