Golden State Warriors remain in wait-and–see mode following Stephen Curry’s Game 3 loss.

BOSTON — There were many things for the Golden State Warriors To digest their 116-100 loss in the Boston Celtics Wednesday night, Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Their superstar status was at the forefront of their thoughts. Stephen Curry.

Curry dived to the floor in an attempt to grab a loose ball. Curry was left with 4:16 remaining in the game, and the Warriors trailing by 12. Boston's met Curry. Al HorfordAs the two tried to secure the possession of the item, Horford rolled onto Curry's left leg.

Curry lay on the ground for a while, in pain.

“I saw him getting dove on,” Draymond Green said. “So I grabbed my foul pushing people off of him because he was screaming at the bottom the pile.”

Curry had a noticeable limp.

Curry said, “Obviously in pain but I'll make it through.” We'll see how it responds. There's not much else to add. I don't think I will miss a single game. Use these 48 hours to get prepared.”

Curry, as he entered the press conference room following the game, walked cautiously, trying not to put any pressure on his left leg.

Curry described the injury as similar to one he suffered in March against the Celtics when he broke his foot on a related play. Marcus Smart. Curry injured his left foot in the play, which was the same injury that he suffered in Game 3. He missed the final month of the regular season. Curry stated that the injury on Wednesday was less severe.

“[Horford is] Curry stated that Curry was referring to a large body. Curry stated that she hasn't seen it so doesn't know whether the tragedy could have been prevented. Marcus and I were in that same situation back in the Bay. It was hard to get our foot out of there. Knowing the situation I was in, that was all I tried to do. As I mentioned, it's not quite as bad for what I feel. It should respond well in the next two days.

Steve Kerr, coach, said “We'll find out more tomorrow”, with a firm tone.

Even if Curry is out for just one game it would be a setback to the Warriors' title hopes. Golden State would not be able to afford a shaky Curry.

Curry has been the Warriors’ best player through the first three games and their only source of consistency. Curry scored 31 points in Game 3 on 12-of-22 shooting including six 3-pointers. Splash Brother provided some assistance. Klay ThompsonHe finished with 25 points but it was in return for an absent Green.

Green only scored two points and made no impact on defense. He did not show the same intensity or focus as he had shown the Warriors this series. Curry came to his aid in the final scrum, and he was unable to finish.

“I was s —,” Green,” he said, with his son beside him as he answered questions from the media. He later called himself “soft.”

However, his performance did not stop Celtics fans from chanting “F— You Draymond” throughout the night.

Thompson stated that Thompson had played before in front rude people. Thompson said, “Dropping fbombs with children. It's really classy. Good job, Boston.”

Jordan Poole Contributed 10 points to 4-of-8 shooting, but struggled to find meaningful ways to help his team.

Curry was made to work by Boston, who smothered him on defense throughout the night. Curry was limited to two transition attempts by the Celtics after Curry averaged five plays per game during his first two games.

Curry was forced to leave the field by the team, shooting only three field goals within 9 feet of Curry's basket. He also missed 12 attempts in Games 1 and 2.

Curry stated that Curry was impressed by their defense and personnel. Curry said that they have a way of, clearly Marcus is on the ball, being quite aggressive. Robert [Williams III] Behind the play, they often have a lot of length and size in the wings.”

Curry couldn't get to the rim or make contact so Curry tried one free throw. This was after Horford had deemed Curry didn't have enough room for his 3-point shot.

Curry stated, “I don’t know why there’s only one free throw.” Curry stated, “Felt as if there were a few possessions and plays that could've gone my way.”

Curry was last allowed to make one free throw in a playoff game in 2018.

Curry stated that it was difficult to understand the game's flow based on calls I received. Curry had four players and was forced to defend in a certain manner because you want the game to continue. “But you have to still find a way that you are effective no matter what the game's called. It's a valuable lesson to learn for next game.”

The free throw disparity was not the reason for the Warriors' loss. Boston shot 24 compared to Golden State's 15. However, the Celtics' level of physicality was a factor.

Golden State was outrebounded by Boston 47 to 31, including 15-6 on offensive boards. The Warriors also scored 52 points less than the Celtics in the paint 52 to 26.

Kerr stated, “That was the main issue — that's the point of attack defense.” “They got past our. It was not based on the sets they were running. It was more that they were coming downhill towards us, and they passed us, which hurt us.”

The Warriors led by as much as 18 points in the first period. As they have done in every game of this series, the Warriors played a great third quarter. They even had a two point lead after a seven-point play later in the period. The Celtics closed the game by closing the fourth.

The Warriors understand that they have to be more consistent throughout the 48-minute period. They are determined to continue the momentum they gained in Game 2. They are aware that they must get more contributions from the lower levels of the rotation.

They all know that Curry will not be available.

Thompson stated, “We need his help if we are to win this thing.” “I know Steph will do everything in his power to play. He is our identity and I really hope he is OK.

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