Golden State Warriors selected as early NBA title favourites for next season; Celtics, Nets next

The Golden State Warriors These are the favourites to win next year’s championship. However, that could change with the availability of big-name free agents in the offseason.

Caesars Sportsbook has the Warriors at 5-1 to win 2023 NBA championship. Closely followed by the Brooklyn Nets And Boston CelticsEach of them are listed at 6-1. The Milwaukee Bucks (15-2), Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Clippers (8-1), round out the single-digit-odds teams entering the offseason.

Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine, Jalen Brunson, James Harden DeAndreAyton and DeAndreAyton are some of the free agents who could make a difference in the title race this offseason. For now, the Warriors remain the favourites and have their core stars covered by contract. They've attracted at least one major bet. Caesars Sportsbook reported placing a $10,000 bet that the Warriors would win next year's title. This was placed by a Colorado-based bettor in late May.

Adam Pullen (assistant director of trading), stated that the top is more open than in previous seasons in a company statement. “Normally, with the NBA you can count the title hopefuls on one side. You can see 10 teams you can make a valid case for.

Boston lost to Golden State on Thursday in a Game 6 deciding game 103-90 win in the NBA Finals. This was the Warriors fourth title in eight seasons. Golden State joins Boston. Chicago Bulls And Los Angeles Lakers As the only franchise to have won four titles over an eight-year period.

The Warriors weren't the favourites at sportsbooks this season. Golden State was the favorite to win the title with a 10-1 chance, just behind the Nets, Lakers and Bucks at Caesars Sportsbook. For much of the season, the Warriors remained near the top in the Western Conference standings and battled their way through to the playoffs to claim their fourth title under coach Steve Kerr.

Pullen said, “It was an easy decision to pick the Warriors as the favourite.” “When they're healthy you can't argue their pedigree from the past decade. The odds point to the Warriors being the favorite.

Caesars Sportsbook has other notable championship odds for next year: Miami Heat (14-1), Philadelphia 76ers (16-1), Dallas Mavericks (16-1), Memphis Grizzlies (16-1), Los Angeles Lakers (22-1), Bulls (66-01) and New York Knicks (150-1).

The Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings And Orlando Magic The longest possible championship odds are listed at 1,000-1.

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